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Crabb, Stephen

                  Chamber Debates

    Energy supply (30.10.2006) 114-7


    Civil defence, Wales 1391w

    Crime, Genetics 385w

    Crime, Religion 502w

    Gay Police Association 1421w

    Gay Police Association, Finance 1421w

    Power stations, Pembroke 93w

    Power stations, Planning permission 93w

    Public order, Religion 388w

Creagh, Mary

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Farepak (07.11.2006) 190wh


    Meat, Imports 451


Creative partnerships initiative


Credit cards



    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 247-8w

Crime prevention

    Building regulations 630w

    Cash dispensing 405w

Crimes of violence

Criminal Assets Recovery Agency

    see Assets Recovery Agency

Criminal injuries compensation

    Administrative delays 1349w

Criminal investigation

Criminal proceedings

Criminal records

Criminal Records Bureau

Crisis loans


    Genetically modified organisms 713w

Cross border cooperation

    Higher education 288w

Crossrail Bill 2004/05 then 2005-06

                  Chamber Debates

    Carry over motion (31.10.2006) 225-68

Crossrail line

Crown Prosecution Service

Cruddas, Jon


    Colombia, Environmental impact assessment 658w

    Colombia, Human rights 659w

    Colombia, Palm oil 748w

Cryer, Mrs Ann

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Faith schools (01.11.2006) 113wh

    Immigration controls (02.11.2006) 164-8wh


    Breast care nurses 644w


    Sustainable development 1520w


Cumbria Constabulary

Cummings, Mr John


    Maternity services, Teesside 1838w

Cunningham, Mr Jim


    Afghanistan, Peace keeping operations 1443-4w

    Bus services, Concessions 582w

    China, Deputy Prime Minister 1515w

    Community policing, Coventry 151-2w

    Consultants, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1511w

    Creative partnerships initiative 1098w

    Health services, Coventry 355-6w

    Hospitals, Waiting lists 361w

    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 100w

    Lebanon, Peace keeping operations 472-3w

    Local government, Coventry 889w

    Manpower, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1511w

    Manufacturing industries, West Midlands 1599-600w

    Mass media, Curriculum 1708w

    Multiple sclerosis 354w

    Palestinians, International assistance 476w, 521w

    Pensions, Widowed people 587-8w

    Repossession orders 1570w

    Shared ownership schemes 1570w

    Shared ownership schemes, Coventry 882w

    Social rented housing 882w

    Special educational needs, Coventry 1758w

    Theft, Coventry 133w

    Trade promotion, Manpower 91w

    Vocational training 94w

    West Midlands, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1513-4w

    Winter fuel payments 588w

Cunningham, Tony, An Assistant Whip

                  Chamber Debates

    Crossrail Bill, Carry over motion (31.10.2006) 259

    Energy supply (30.10.2006) 126


Curry, Rt Hon David

                  Chamber Debates

    Rural Payments Agency (07.11.2006) 723

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Secure psychiatric units 153-4w

Curtis-Thomas, Ms Claire

                  Chamber Debates

    Armed Forces Bill, Lords amendts (07.11.2006) 768


    Immigration, Young people 599w

Custodial treatment




    Higher education 374w

    International assistance 660w

    International Whaling Commission 715w

    Nature conservation 697w

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