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Francis, Dr Hywel


    Afghanistan, Peace keeping operations 1444w

    Commission for Racial Equality, Wales 292-3w

    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 1444w

    Olympic Games, Greater London 294-6w

    Slavery, Anniversaries 554w

Francois, Mr Mark


    Buildings, Treasury 827w

    Civil servants, Treasury 538w

    Community development, Finance 738w

    Conferences, Revenue and Customs 1027-8w

    Consultants, Treasury 1026w

    Developing countries, Renewable energy 588w

    Discrimination, Treasury 828w

    Employer training pilots 1535w

    Enterprise capital funds 87w

    Excise duties, Motor vehicles 1051-2w

    Higher civil servants, Treasury 581w

    Information and communications technology, Treasury 315w, 828w

    International assistance 1031w

    Internet, Treasury 829w

    Local government finance 834w

    Magazine press, Treasury 587w

    Manpower, Treasury 829w

    Ministerial policy advisors 537w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Treasury 1039w

    National Institute for Energy Technologies 529w

    Office for National Statistics, Reorganisation 236-7w

    Public relations, Treasury 235w

    Publications, Treasury 538w

    Radio frequencies 833w

    Regulation, Treasury 310w

    Resignations, Treasury 1047w

    Revenue and Customs, Manpower 582-3w

    Social Investment Task Force 1038w

    Stationery, Treasury 1023w

    Voluntary work, Young people 1518w

Fraser, Mr Christopher

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Farepak (07.11.2006) 199wh


    VisitBritain, Finance 672w


    Insurance premium tax 1031w

    Northern Ireland Office 1214w

Fraud Bill (HL) 2005-06

                  Chamber Debates

    Royal Assent (08.11.2006) 825

Freedom of information

    Cost benefit analysis 1509w

    Dept for Constitutional Affairs 1145w

    Deputy Prime Minister 434w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 468w





    Fire prevention 744w

    Northern Ireland Office 1211w


    Domestic animals 744w

Further education

Future surface combatant

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