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Iddon, Dr Brian

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Farepak (07.11.2006) 189wh


    Middle East, Peace negotiations 362w

Identity cards

    Dept for Work and Pensions 926w

Illegal immigrants

    Proof of identity 8w


    Welfare tax credits 1322w


    Fees and charges 3ws

Immigration and Nationality Directorate

Immigration Asylum and Nationality Act 2006


Immigration controls

Import controls


In vitro fertilisation

Incapacity benefit

Income support

Income tax


Independent Reconfiguration Panel


Indian subcontinent

    Earthquakes 28w


Industrial diseases

Industrial health and safety

    Ministry of Defence 330w

    Vocational training 1149w

    Voluntary organisations 7-8w

Industrial injuries disablement benefit

Industrial injuries scheme

Industrial training

Infant mortality

Infectious diseases



Information and communications technology

    Dept for Communities and Local Government 887-8w

    Dept for Constitutional Affairs 122-3w

    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 72-3w

    Intelligence services 862w

    Local government 618w

    National Offender Management Service 1658w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 293w, 545w

Information officers

Information services

Ingram, Rt Hon Adam, Minister of State, Ministry of Defence

                  Chamber Debates

                  Written Statements


    Afghanistan, Detainees 634w

    Air force, Training 639w

    Aircraft carriers 806w

    Aircraft carriers, Procurement 326w

    Ammunition, Procurement 111w

    Armed forces 791-2w

    Armed forces, Complaints 1490w

    Armed forces, Disciplinary proceedings 637w

    Armed forces, International cooperation 1440w

    Armed forces, Manpower 102w

    Armed forces, Officers 340w

    Arms trade, USA 643w

    Army, Health services 1553w

    Army, Yorkshire and Humberside 9-10

    Aviation, Ministry of Defence 637-8w

    Biometrics, Ministry of Defence 1547w

    Chinook helicopters 109w

    Civil service agencies, Ministry of Defence 325w

    Conventional weapons 1500w

    Defence, Expenditure 1558w

    Defence equipment, Sales 642w

    Defence equipment, Standards 1455w

    Defence Scientific Advisory Council 1458w

    EC defence policy 804w

    EUFOR, Submarines 107w

    European fighter aircraft 8-9

    European fighter aircraft, Weapons 113w

    Exservicemen, Radiation exposure 1554w

    Falkland Islands, Military aircraft 1444w

    Future surface combatant 1552w

    Hercules aircraft, Fire prevention 98w

    Information and communications technology, Ministry of Defence 1463w, 1470w

    Investment Approvals Board 823-4w

    Iraq, Casualties 809w

    Joint strike fighter aircraft, Procurement 109w

    Land mines, Colombia 104w

    Lebanon, Peace keeping operations 332w, 430w

    Military aircraft, Decommissioning 642-3w

    Military aircraft, Repairs and maintenance 102w

    Military aircraft, Safety measures 796w

    Military aircraft, Training 109w

    Ministry of Defence, Information and communications technology 809-10w

    Navy, Animal experiments 424w

    Parachute Regiment, Training 1484w

    Porton Down, Animal experiments 337-8w

    Princess Royal Barracks, Freedom of information 636-7w

    Private finance initiative, Ministry of Defence 112w

    Procurement, Ministry of Defence 1558-9w

    Public expenditure, Ministry of Defence 104w

    Radio frequency identification, Ministry of Defence 1489w

    Red Arrows, Training 108w

    Royal Irish Regiment, Expenditure 1492w

    Royal ordnance factories, Chorley 1493w

    Weapons, Damage 114w

    Weapons, Electromagnetic fields 1551w

    Written questions, Ministry of Defence 820w

Inheritance tax


Inland Revenue and Customs Service

    see Revenue and Customs

Inland waterways

    Repairs and maintenance 67-8w



Institutional care

    see Care homes



Insurance companies

Insurance premium tax

Integrated pollution control

Intelligence services

    Information and communications technology 862w

Interest rates

Internally displaced persons

International assistance

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

    see World Bank

International cooperation

International general certificate of secondary education

    Dept for Communities and Local Government 1001w

    Dept for Constitutional Affairs 123w

    Dept for Education and Skills 1709w

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 714w

    Dept for International Development 520w

    Dept for Transport 566w

    Dept for Work and Pensions 9w

    Dept of Trade and Industry 266w

    Leader of the House of Commons 255w

    Ministry of Defence 804w

    Northern Ireland Office 192w

    Solicitor-General 526w

International Monetary Fund

International organisations

International Whaling Commission


    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1075w

    Deputy Prime Minister 652w

    Northern Ireland 289w


INTERREG programme


Investment Approvals Board

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