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Shapps, Grant


    Airports, Fire services 300w

    Catering, Dept for Work and Pensions 1626w

    Catering, Ministry of Defence 328w

    Catering, Northern Ireland Office 943w

    Catering, Solicitor-General 1096w

    Hotels, Dept for Communities and Local Government 994w, 1096w

    Hotels, Dept for International Development 1521-2w

    Hotels, Dept for Work and Pensions 1626w

    Hotels, Dept of Trade and Industry 1594-5w

    Hotels, Home Office 497w

    Hotels, Solicitor-General 1096w

    Public expenditure, Treasury 1534w

Shared ownership schemes

Sheerman, Mr Barry

                  Chamber Debates

    Education and Inspections Bill, Lords amendts (02.11.2006) 496-7


Sheffield Primary Care Trust


Shepherd, Mr Richard

                  Chamber Debates

    Police and Justice Bill, Lords amendts (06.11.2006) 627

Sheridan, Mr Jim

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    VAT, Compact discs (01.11.2006) 141-3wh


    Business questions 475

Shields, Michael



    Oil 297w

    Safety measures 536w



Short, Rt Hon Clare

                  Chamber Debates

    Iraq (31.10.2006) 211


    Members, Correspondence 1660w



Sick leave

    Probation officers 398w

Side effects

Sierra Leone

Sight impaired

Sign language

Simmonds, Mr Mark


    National Care Standards Commission, Commission for Social Care Inspection 178w

    Overseas aid, Water 28-9w

Simon, Mr Sion

                  Chamber Debates

    NHS Redress Bill (HL), Lords amendts (06.11.2006) 591

Simpson, Mr Alan


    Housing, Energy 623w

    Housing, Rates and rating 623w

    Housing, Standards 409w

Simpson, David


    Accident and emergency departments, Northern Ireland 189-90w

    Crime, Alcoholic drinks 1202w

    Diesel fuel, Northern Ireland 1026-7w

    Domestic visits, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1076w

    Domestic visits, Dept for International Development 914w

    Domestic visits, Dept for Transport 300w

    Domestic visits, Dept for Work and Pensions 933w

    Domestic visits, Deputy Prime Minister 323-4w

    Domestic visits, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1197w, 1199w

    Domestic visits, Home Office 1673w

    Domestic visits, Ministry of Defence 818-9w

    Driving offences, Northern Ireland 1531w

    Fisheries Conservancy Board for Northern Ireland 1219-23w

    Health services, Northern Ireland 202w

    Members, Correspondence 1242w

    Members, Northern Ireland 1531w

    Northern Ireland 531w

    Northern Ireland government 285w

    Official visits, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 251w

    Police, Northern Ireland 1255w

    Police Fund (Northern Ireland) 1235-6w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland, Manpower 286-7w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland, Standards 287w

    Racially aggravated offences, Northern Ireland 198w

    Retirement, Age 542w

    Schools, Northern Ireland 201-2w

    Shipping, Northern Ireland 1038w

    Social security benefits, Northern Ireland 1205-6w

    Spina bifida, Research 360w

    Surveillance, Northern Ireland 1257w

    Tax evasion, Northern Ireland 233w

    Terrorism, Northern Ireland 1250w

    Tourism, Angling 203w

    Travel, Solicitor-General 689w

    Vehicles, Northern Ireland Office 1211w

    Written questions, Northern Ireland 524w

Simpson, Mr Keith

                  Chamber Debates

    Armed Forces Bill, Lords amendts (07.11.2006) 782-5, 790


    Lebanon, Peace keeping operations 332w, 430w

    Ministerial duties, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 847w

    Pakistan, Politics and government 154

Single parents

    see Lone parents

Single people

Skilled workers

Skinner, Mr Dennis

                  Chamber Debates

    Business questions intervention (02.11.2006) 466

    Oral question time intervention (02.11.2006) 443


    Alzheimer's disease 481w

    Alzheimer's disease, Drugs 1261w

    Aphasia, East Midlands 1262w

    British nationality, Applications 1656w

    Cycleways, East Midlands 563-4w

    Digital broadcasting, East Midlands 74-5w

    Disability living allowance, East Midlands 929-30w

    Employers' liability, East Midlands 11w

    National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence 487-8w

    Offenders, Rehabilitation 603w

    Roads, East Midlands 534w

    State retirement pensions, East Midlands 1130-1w

    Winter fuel payments, Bolsover 548w

Skipton Fund

Slaughter, Andrew




Sleep apnoea

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