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Session 2005-06
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Register of Members' Interests

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The Register of Members' Interests is published soon after the beginning of a new Parliament, under the authority of the Committee on Standards and Privileges, and annually thereafter. Between publications the Register is regularly updated in a loose leaf form and, in that form, is available for public inspection in the Committee Office of the House of Commons. These amendments are also reflected in the Internet edition. Employment agreements deposited with the Registrar are available for personal inspection only.

Enquiries should be made to the office of the Registrar, 020 7219 0311.

Session 2005-06
  Register as at 6 November 2005 (printed as HC 664)

Updated Registers (internet versions only)
Session 2005-06
  6 November 2006
  19 September 2006
  25 July 2006
  21 June 2006
  12 May 2006
  24 March 2006
  14 February 2006
  14 December 2005

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