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Memorandum submitted by Department for Constitutional Affairs

  I am writing to provide further information I promised to the Committee at the recent evidence session on the DCA's Departmental Annual Report. I have also enclosed the National Audit Office's report on DCA's PSA data systems requested by the committee.


  A table providing this information is attached


  I said I would let you have details of the number of staff remaining in the DCA who work on the Judicial Appointments Commission. The total is 67.5 Full-Time Equivalents, broken down as follows:

    —  17 who consider and advise on proposals for magistrates appointments that come forward from the Advisory Committees. As you know, the selection of magistrates has not yet been transferred to the JAC.

    —  27 who handle the administration of appointments and issues around terms of service, for example, sending offer letters, dealing with renewal and extension of appointments, dealing with terms and conditions of judicial appointments, as well as handling payroll and pension issues.

    —  23.5 who advise the Lord Chancellor on policy issues relating to judicial appointments, including policy on diversity, age regulations and remuneration, and who provide and co-ordinate material for competitions run by the JAC.


  As indicated above, I have enclosed the National Audit Office's report requested by the Committee [not printed]. The NAO has agreed to release this report to the committee on the basis that it will not be published or distributed more widely. This report contributed to the NAO's Second Validation Compendium Report, 2003-06 PSA Data Systems, which is of course, already publicly available.

Alex Allan

Permanent Secretary

November 2006



@PARA@@PARA@Division  Service Provider  Nature of Consultancy Service Provided  Net value

Communications  Synopsis Communication Consulting Limited  Specialist consultancy advice relating to development of DCA Communications Strategy.  £38,764.45

@PARA@Constitution Directorate, Programme office  Penna  Ongoing provision of change management consultancy within the Directorate.  £15,548.19

Constitution Directorate, Programme office  KPMG  Management review and assessment for head of European Policy and Information Rights.  £5,747.99

@PARA@Constitution Directorate, Programme office  Enodian Ltd  Consultancy advice regarding change management within Constitution Directorate.  £108,889.14

@PARA@Consumer Strategy Directorate  The Ingram Partnership  Scoping of project and research for the Voter's Insight Project.  £243,000.00

@PARA@Consumer Strategy Directorate  PricewaterhouseCoopers  Advice and support to various projects including: conclusion of phase 1 of the consumer strategy project; Part of DCA 5-year Plan; Part of Constitution PSA project; Vulnerable Customers Project; Civil Justice Consumer Research; Criminal Justice Experience project.  £2,162,000.00

@PARA@Consumer Strategy Directorate  JMH Consultancy  Specialist advice on internal and external communications.  £39,000.00

@PARA@Consumer Strategy Directorate  Haygarth Group  Mapping of external stakeholders.  £28,000.00

@PARA@Consumer Strategy Directorate  Digital Public  Scoping and business case for TV pilots.  £21,000.00

@PARA@Consumer Strategy Directorate  David Coates  Expert advice on market study of quality marks in the legal services industry.  £22,000.00

@PARA@Consumer Strategy Directorate  Communication Engagement and Change Ltd  Specialist advice on internal and external communications.  61,000.00

@PARA@Corporate Management Directorate  KPMG  Consultancy support connected with restructuring and reorganisation of DCA and subsequent transition planning.  £817,751.00

@PARA@Court Funds Office—Investment & Banking Review  Watson Associates  Strategic Policy—Input on future operational models.  £51,475.00

@PARA@Court Funds Office—Investment & Banking Review  BTF Associates  Investment and Banking Review Implementation and specialist financial advice.  £176,076.48

@PARA@Court Funds Office—Investment & Banking Review  BTA Consulting  Financial Review to improve financial accountability.  £160,858.55

@PARA@Court Funds Office—Investment & Banking Review  BTA Consulting  Technology Review to review and ensure appropriate business continuity for IT hardware and support systems.  £36,000.00

@PARA@Court Funds Office—Investment & Banking Review  Anagram  Change Management and specialist advice to support the administrative re-structure and reduce risk to the business during change.  £119,034.54

@PARA@Crown & Devolution Development  Rick Evans Ltd  Consultancy advice regarding structure of Crown Dependency recruitment campaign.  £1,976.95

@PARA@Crown & Devolution Development  Enodian Ltd  Development of devolution proposals to deliver a strategic approach in conjunction with Wales & Scotland Office.  £29,129.43

@PARA@Crown & Devolution Development  Cleo Nicolaou  Consultancy advice regarding Crown Dependencies Branch.  £33,353.29

@PARA@Customer Service Directorate  ORC International  National Customer Survey, production of detailed reports including recommendations on improving service to customers.  £285,000.00

@PARA@Customer Service Directorate  KPMG  Consultancy support connected with public register of fines and judgements.  £101,000.00

@PARA@DCA Finance Operations  PWC  Review of PFI schemes and accounting procedures.  £34,150.00

DCA Finance Operations  KPMG  Review of Finance Division functions and roles.  £68,750.00

@PARA@DISC (IT recompetition to replace current IT providers)  Parity Resources  Quality assurance connected with DISC Programme.  £36,269.90

@PARA@DISC  Methods Consulting  Production of business case for DISC Programme.  £82,340.00

@PARA@DISC  Methods Consulting  Production of DISC service requirement.  £15,725.00

@PARA@DISC  Hudson Global Resources  Quality assurance connected with DISC Programme.  £42,600.00

@PARA@DISC  Gartner  Review of cost estimate underpinning production of DISC business case.  £65,412.64

@PARA@e Delivery Group  VP Treen & Associates  Consultancy advice concerning Criminal Appeals office computer network.  £43,200.00

@PARA@e Delivery Group  Venn Group Ltd  Consultancy connected with Guarantee on Data Handling.  £6,663.00

@PARA@e Delivery Group  Professor Susskind  Consultancy advice on IT issues to the Judiciary.  £10,764.00

@PARA@e Delivery Group  NCC Services Ltd  Consultancy advice connected with Software Compliance Licensing.  £53,448.65

@PARA@e Delivery Group  Logica CMG UK Ltd  Libra systems integration and migration planning.  £31,012.27

@PARA@e Delivery Group  Insight Consulting Ltd  Consultancy support in connection with BS 7799 Risk Reviews.  £58,773.76

@PARA@e Delivery Group  Insight Consulting Ltd  Provision of IT security advice to DCA's IT Security Branch.  £28,720.94

@PARA@e Delivery Group  Insight Consulting Ltd  IT healthcheck on Cable & Wireless architecture.  £12,129.41

@PARA@e Delivery Group  Insight Consulting Ltd  IT security advice connected with the new Judicial LINK laptop.  £8,075.94

@PARA@e Delivery Group  Insight Consulting Ltd  IT healthcheck on Xhibit development at Milton Keynes.  £5,817.00

@PARA@e Delivery Group  Insight Consulting Ltd  IT healthcheck on Xhibit development at Camberley.  £5,791.28

@PARA@e Delivery Group  Insight Consulting Ltd  IT security policy for judiciary.  £4,991.98

@PARA@e Delivery Group  Insight Consulting Ltd  IT healthcheck at the Criminal Appeals Office.  £3,646.50

@PARA@e Delivery Group  Insight Consulting Ltd  IT security advice connected with the LINK & EDS GSI connection.  £2,806.94

@PARA@e Delivery Group  Insight Consulting Ltd  Consultancy support in connection with roll out of Court Service BCP.  £2,169.78

@PARA@e Delivery Group  Gartner UK Ltd  Consultancy advice connected with enterprise planning and architecture strategies.  £28,730.00

@PARA@e Delivery Group  Gartner UK Ltd  Consultancy support connected with Lynux Architecture assessment.  £17,960.60

@PARA@e Delivery Group  Design Systems Technology Ltd  Consultancy advice about barcode writing programme.  £1,000.00

@PARA@e Delivery Group  Deloitte MCS Ltd  Implementation of IT Shared Services including the creation of a new DCA IT delivery organisation, review of functions, responsiblities and service delivery.  £1,603,700.00

@PARA@e Delivery Group  Deloitte MCS Ltd  Update of Libra business case and finance model.  £79,529.00

@PARA@e Delivery Group  Computer Sciences Corporation  Consultancy advice and research services.  £16,000.00

@PARA@e Delivery Group  Alexander Cameron Ltd  Team development for Libra (Magistrates' courts' case management system).  £4,112.00

@PARA@e Delivery Group  Alexander Cameron Ltd  Consultancy support in respect of eDG management team.  £1,725.00

@PARA@Enforcement Programme  PA  Consultancy support connected with Courts Act Pilots and data/performance analysis and identification of best practice in relation to payment rate improvements.  £1,304,050.00

@PARA@Equality & Diversity  Rene Caroyal  Consultancy advice regarding Diversity Agenda Programme.  £4,700.00

@PARA@ERM  Cornwell Management Consultants  Electronic Records Management (ERM) knowledge management scoping study.  £40,296.00

@PARA@ERM Cornwell Management Consultants  Business process analysis of Electronic Records Management (ERM) by Bill Teams.  £8,785.00

@PARA@ERM  CIMTECH  Study to establish requirement for scanners within DCA.  £750.21

@PARA@HM Inspectorate of Court Administration  Reshan Sandhu  Recruitment consultant specialising in diversity issues. He assisted in external inspector recruitment campaigns, providing expert advice on diversity issues.  £2,058.00

@PARA@HM Inspectorate of Court Administration  Lexicon Ltd  Development of guides to the Crown and County Courts for HMICA Inspectors. The guides were valuable in training new inspectors and those who had previously has little recent knowledge of these courts or who had been recruited from outside DCA.  £24,687.00

@PARA@HMCS Estates  Wheelers  Audit of the Mananging Agents' provision of Facilities Management to the HMCS estate. Examination of systems, procedures and payment for works services.  £132,646.14

@PARA@HMCS Estates  Mouchel Consulting Limited  Consultancy—project management and technical advice on major projects including Bristol CJC and Commercial Court in RCJ.  £469,965.48

@PARA@HMCS Estates  KPMG  Advising on balance sheet accounting issues/standardisation manual/project management.  £17,137.35

@PARA@HMCS Estates  John Garnett  Provide specialist quantity surveying advise to HMCS.  £79,761.97

@PARA@HMCS Estates  Hurd Rolland  Project management and Design policy development advice on major estates projects. Monitoring construction and commissioning of building works.  £153,360.74

@PARA@HMCS Estates  Horwood Safety Limited  Health and Safety consultancy for the Court Service for generic risk assesment and Health and Safety training.  £1,881.00

@PARA@HMCS Estates  DTZ  Financial Consultancy advice on contracting PFI projects (option appraisals and feasibility studies for projects).  £244,774.26

@PARA@HMCS Estates  Chesterton  Estates consultancy, advice on purchasing strategy.  £45,134.05

@PARA@HMCS Resources Directorate  PWC  Review and development of HMCS management information packs.  £26,921.00

@PARA@HMCS Resources Directorate  Ask Europe PLC  Review of the operation of the Family Division RCJ.  £28,616.00

@PARA@HRD  Towers Perrin  Provision of temporary project management and expert HR advice for a specific programme and related projects. Services included: review of current HR process, advising on improvements to HR systems/processes, production of project plans, reports, etc; review of HRD internal structure, advice, plans, etc, on wide-ranging change to HRD structures and processes; expert advice on communication and change management issues. Also included one-to-one coaching, intended to up-skill the HRTP Programme manager (an internal DCA member of staff).  £296,752.00

@PARA@HRD  ORC International Ltd  Provision of temporary expert research and analysis including the production of the Employee Opinion Survey, a detailed confidential staff questionnaire that is used to obtain feedback on the DCA as an employer.  £5,100.00

@PARA@HRD  ORC International Ltd  ORC produced a further report based on the Employee Opinion Survey which provided an analysis by gender, ethnic origin, disability, caring responsibility, age, sexuality and hours worked.  £685.00

@PARA@HRD  Mandurai Ltd  Provision of expert HR advice not available internally, specifically the production of a Benefits Realisation Plan and analysis of costs and benefits for the planned HR changes. This work was done in conjunction with Largos Ltd.  £3,494.05

@PARA@HRD  Largos Ltd  Provision of expert HR advice not available internally, specifically the production of a Benefits Realisation Plan and analysis of costs and benefits for the planned HR changes. This work was done in conjunction with Madurai Ltd.  £3,613.75

@PARA@HRD  KPMG  The provision of management review and assessment centres—for all existing DCA Senior Civil Servants (SCS), new SCS recruits and promotees. Providing analysis and feedback on assessments to staff and managers; planning when and where events and assessments take place, etc.  £26,704.04

@PARA@HRD  Dennis Battle Associates  Independent investigator on internal disciplinary matter. Involved interviewing senior staff concerned and producing a report for the determining authority.  £2,288.30

@PARA@Human Rights Division  IPPR Consulting Ltd  Management review of Human Rights Division.  £29,417.00

@PARA@Human Rights Division  Elborough Consulting/TSO Consulting  Research project into how Human Rights are perceived by public and stakeholders.  £5,689.00

@PARA@IAD  KPMG  Specialist audit by independent consultants of fraud risk at Court Funds Office.  £22,000.00

@PARA@IAD  Hedra  Specialist estates audit by indepenedent consultants of Queens Anne's Gate Project Management.  £20,000.00

@PARA@Independent Regulatory Review—Legal & Judicial Group  MORI  Consumer Survey.  £59,000.00

@PARA@Independent Regulatory Review—Legal & Judicial Group  Maitland Consultancy  Advice on publication of Independent Regulatory Review and connected Press Releases.  £25,000.00

@PARA@Independent Regulatory Review—Legal & Judicial Group  Ernst & Young LLP  Independent consultancy to support Review of the Regulatory Framework for Legal Services in England and Wales.  £235,256.31

@PARA@Information Rights Division  UCL Consultants  Development of shadow PSA targets for Consumer strategy Directorate.  £11,035.00

@PARA@Information Rights Division  UCL  Consultants Review of how FOI Clearing House should operate and what outputs it should produce.  £8,000.00

@PARA@Information Rights Division  Enodian Ltd  Review of Fees Policy.  £24,958.00

@PARA@Information Rights Division  Enodian Ltd  Consultancy advice regarding FOI governance.  £9,400.00

@PARA@JSB  Ilogic Ventures  Policy advice for the Strengthened Role Project.  £22,687.50

@PARA@JSB  GIC Ltd  Review of New Mentor & New Appraiser Training.  £11,600.00

@PARA@JSB  Capita Resourcing  Review of JSB's current and future needs of technology.  £39,140.00

@PARA@JSB  Adult Learning Inspectorate  Review of Magistrates training.  £15,288.50

@PARA@JSB  Adult Learning Inspectorate  Evaluation of training provision, appraisal, and mentoring arrangements within the various tribunal jurisdictions.  £4,020.00

@PARA@Judicial Appointments Development Division  Rick Evans Ltd  Consultancy connected with Assessment Centre competence design.  £700.00

@PARA@Judicial Appointments Development Division  Issan Ghazni Partnership  Consultancy connected with Assessment Centre competence design.  £624.10

@PARA@Judicial Appointments Development Division  Human Assets Ltd  Consultancy connected with Assessment Centre competence design. Design and delivery of Recorder and DDJ Assessment Centres.  £85,341.15

@PARA@Judicial Appointments Development Division  Barry Sutlieff  Advertising and communication advice.  £413.00

@PARA@Judicial Appointments Development Division  Assessment and Development Consultancy  Consultancy connected with Assessment Centre competence design. Design and delivery of Employment Tribunal Assessment Centre.  £60,750.12

@PARA@Judicial Pensions  Punter Southall  Tax advice by independent specialist consultancy firm connected with Finance Act 2004.  £24,674.00

@PARA@Law Commission  Tribal MPC  Review of and report on Council's Communication and Consultation Strategy.  £15,044.97

@PARA@Law Commission  Eleri Evans  Production of feasibility study for proposed electronic magazine.  £617.00

@PARA@Legal Services Ombudsman  Craigforth  Customer Feedback Survey.  £16,884.00

@PARA@Legal Services Ombudsman  Analogue  Website development and design.  £1,971.50

@PARA@Scotland Office  KPMG  HR review and assessment connected with post of Head of Scotland Office.  £2,816.80




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