Select Committee on Defence Eleventh Report

Annex A: List of Abbreviations

AFF    Army Families federation

CEA    Continuity of Education Allowance

CEAS    Children's Education Advisory Service

CGS    Chief of the General Staff

DfES    Department for Education and Skills

DMWS  Defence Medical Welfare Service

DSG    Dedicated Schools Grant

GCSE    General Certificate of Secondary Education

GOC    General Officer Commanding

LEA    Local Education Authority

MoD    Ministry of Defence

NAAFI    Navy Army Air Force Institutes

NCO    Non-Commissioned Officer

NPFS    Naval Personnel Family Services

Ofsted    Office for Standards in Education

PLASC    Pupil Level Annual School Census

SAT    Standard Assessment Test

SCE    Service Children's Education

SCISS    Service Children In State Schools

SEN    Special Educational Needs

UKBC     United Kingdom Based Civilian

UKSC (G)  United Kingdom Support Group (Germany)

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Prepared 6 September 2006