Select Committee on Defence Second Report


CVFFuture Aircraft Carriers (Carrier Vessel Future)
FSCFuture Surface Combatant
FSTAFuture Strategic Tanker Aircraft
HVACHeating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
IPTIntegrated Project Team
ISDIn-Service Date
JCAJoint Combat Aircraft
JCTSJoint Casualty Treatment Ship
JSFJoint Strike Fighter
KBRKellogg, Brown and Root UK Ltd
MARSMilitary Afloat Reach and Sustainability
MASCMaritime Airborne Surveillance and Control
MoDMinistry of Defence
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
NADsNational Armament Directors
NAONational Audit Office
PIPhysical Integrator
RAFRoyal Air Force
RNRoyal Navy
RUSIRoyal United Services Institute
STOVL  Short Take Off and Vertical Landing
UKUnited Kingdom
USUnited States
VFMValue for Money
WLCWhole Life Cost

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© Parliamentary copyright 2005
Prepared 21 December 2005