Select Committee on Defence Written Evidence

Letter to the Minister for Defence Procurement from the Chairman

  Thank you for your letter of 20 September 2005 concerning the Defence Committee's inquiry into the Future Carrier and Joint Combat Aircraft programmes—two key programmes which the previous Defence Committee kept a close interest in.

  There will always be some difficulties with the timing of inquiries into procurement programmes. However, the Committee is keen to establish the progress that is being made on these two programmes, for example, in finalising the Alliance arrangements and proceeding to Main Gate on the Future Carrier programme (the original target date for which was December 2003).

  We are grateful to you and Sir Peter Spencer for agreeing to appear before the Committee on Tuesday 25 October. As you probably know, we have arranged an oral evidence session with industry representatives on Tuesday 18 October.

  I look forward to meeting you on 25 October.

Rt Hon James Arbuthnot

28 September 2005

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Prepared 21 December 2005