Select Committee on Defence Third Report

5  Conclusion

102. Logistic support provision for RAF aircraft has undergone successive changes since the establishment of DARA in 1999 with each reconfiguration of support closely followed by the next one. These changes have been painful for the DARA workforce and have resulted in a loss of skills and wasted resources in St Athan. The DARA trading fund has produced consistently sound financial and performance results since 2001, but has now lost its prime role of providing depth support for fast jets.

103. It is not possible at this stage to make a final judgment about the long term effectiveness of the new arrangements for RAF aircraft support or their impact on the RAF's front line capability. What is essential is that MoD monitors the new arrangements closely and gives them the time needed to succeed. We also intend to monitor developments closely and return to these issues at a future date.

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Prepared 18 January 2006