Select Committee on Defence First Report


1.   The establishment of the service complaint panel may introduce, in limited circumstances, an independent voice in the consideration of complaints but we do not believe that is sufficient. We urge the Government to table amendments to strengthen the degree of independence in its proposals and to meet the requirements of the previous Defence Committee's recommendations. If it does not, we urge the Armed Forces Bill select committee to express a clear view on the inadequacy of the Bill as introduced and to amend the Bill accordingly. (Paragraph 11)
2.We recommend that MoD publish the secondary legislation relating to the Armed Forces Bill, in draft if necessary, to inform the select committee's scrutiny of the Bill. (Paragraph 12)
3.We believe the House should be aware of this significant proposal to end annual renewal of Service Discipline legislation, which will diminish democratic accountability of the Armed Forces. We do not believe Parliament should agree to cede this aspect of its control over the nation's Armed Forces to the Executive, particularly at a time when military law and discipline are of considerable political concern. (Paragraph 16)
4.We urge the Government to reverse its proposal to end annual renewal of Service discipline legislation by tabling the necessary amendments at Committee stage. (Paragraph 17)

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Prepared 8 December 2005