Select Committee on Defence Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 100-102)


24 JANUARY 2006

  Q100  Chairman: That is notified in prior years, so presumably it has appeared in these accounts before?

  Mr Jeffrey: Yes, it has.

  Q101  Mr Jenkins: £65 million. We lost a building or it has been impaired in some way or fashion. Can you tell us why, or if you cannot tell us now can you give us a note on it?

  Mr Woolley: This is a building at the Atomic Warfare Establishment that was unable to meet the requirement after it was built for which it was designed. No other use for the building could be identified and therefore it had to be written-off.

  Q102  Mr Jenkins: Could you give us a note on that as well? The one that Mr Jones has asked—and I am racing through it as fast as I can—the one with regard to Swan Hunter. Could you send us a note on that, please, giving us the background in the future for that Swan Hunter project and the costs?

  Mr Jeffrey: Yes[16].

  Chairman: I think that will bring us to an end of this marathon session. I am most grateful to you, particularly—not meaning any disrespect to you, Mr Woolley—to you, Mr Jeffrey, for facing us so soon after you came into the Ministry of Defence and for handling so well some really quite detailed questions. There will be, almost certainly, other things about which we would like to write to you to ask for answers which, in the interests of it not getting too late this morning, we will not pursue now. We are most grateful to you for coming in front of us today. Thank you very much.

16   Note: See Ev 28


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Prepared 20 April 2006