Select Committee on Defence Sixth Report

List of Abbreviations

AWE      Atomic Weapons Establishment

DARA      Defence Aviation and Repair Agency

DfID      Department for International Development

DLO      Defence Logistics Organisation

DPA      Defence Procurement Agency

EU      European Union

FCO      Foreign and Commonwealth Office

IPO      Initial Public Offering

IT      Information Technology

JPA      Joint Personnel Administration

LSD(A)    Landing Ship Dock (Auxiliary)

MoD      Ministry of Defence

NAO      National Audit Office

NATO      North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

ORP      Operational Ration Pack

OSCE      Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe

PSA      Public Service Agreement

PUS      Permanent Under Secretary of State

RAB      Resource Accounting and Budgeting

RAF      Royal Air Force

TLB      Top Level Budget

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Prepared 20 April 2006