Select Committee on Environmental Audit Written Evidence

Memorandum submitted by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

  I read with interest about the Environmental Audit Committee's new Inquiry into Nuclear, Renewables and Climate Change.

  The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), which went live on 1 April this year, is tasked by Government to clean-up and decommission the UK's existing 20 civil nuclear sites. Our remit does not, therefore, extend to the debate around a new nuclear programme.

  Nevertheless, we have recently published a major document that outlines our emerging thinking on a range of associated issues and I wanted to draw your attention to it in case it is of interest or assistance to your Inquiry. The document in question is our Draft Strategy. It is out for consultation until mid November and we must submit our final version to Government by the end of the year.

  The document can be found and downloaded from our web site

6 September 2005

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Prepared 16 April 2006