Select Committee on Environmental Audit Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 440 - 442)



  Q440  Mr Chaytor: If it was 60 years or even longer it must be in the interests of your industry and your members that the more there is concern now through fiscal measures or more stringent requirements of engine design, it gives your industry a longer life-span because otherwise there is the possibility of people leaving school and joining the industry now and there will be no industry there by the time they are approaching retirement.

  Mr Watson: If the lower estimate was correct, yes.

  Q441  Mr Chaytor: What I am saying is I cannot understand why you are so relaxed about issues of government fiscal policy?

  Mr Watson: I did not see we are relaxed about them.

  Q442  Mr Chaytor: But you are not actively lobbying for something that in the long run would preserve the life of your industry.

  Mr Watson: What we are saying is that we will be proposing to the Government in the near future a joint task force. We should go away and discuss all these issues properly as a contribution towards the UK setting a sensible long-term energy policy, for exactly the reasons you say. We are not complacent about it. We have to engage with government to make it happen, and ultimately it is their choice.

  Chairman: Thank you very much. We are grateful to you for coming. There are one or two points of clarification which you are going to let us know about too.

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Prepared 7 August 2006