Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Fifth Report


Session 2005-06
Fourth ReportThe Departmental Annual Report 2005 HC 693-I
Third ReportThe Animal Welfare Bill HC 683
Second ReportReform of the EU Sugar Regime HC 585-I
First ReportThe future for UK fishing: Government Response HC 532
Session 2004-05
Ninth ReportClimate Change: looking forward HC 130-I (HC 533 05-06)
Eighth ReportProgress on the use of pesticides: the Voluntary Initiative HC 258 (HC 534 05-06)
Seventh ReportFood information HC 469 (HC 437 05-06)
Sixth ReportThe future of UK fishing HC 122 (HC 532 05-06)
Fifth ReportThe Government's Rural Strategy and the draft Natural Environment and Rural Communities Bill HC 408-I (Cm 6574)
Fourth ReportWaste policy and the Landfill Directive HC 102 (Cm 6618)
Third ReportThe Work of the Committee in 2004 HC 281
Second ReportDismantling Defunct Ships in the UK: Government Reply HC 257 
First ReportThe draft Animal Welfare Bill HC 52-I (HC 385)
Session 2003-04
Nineteenth ReportWater Pricing: follow-up HC 1186 (HC 490 04-05)
Eighteenth ReportDismantling of Defunct Ships in the UK HC 834 (HC 257 04-05)
Seventeenth Report  Agriculture and EU Enlargement HC 421 (HC 221 04-05)
Sixteenth ReportClimate Change, Water Security and Flooding HC 558 (HC 101 04-05)
Fifteenth ReportThe Departmental Annual Report 2004 HC 707 (HC 100 04-05)
Fourteenth ReportSites of Special Scientific Interest HC 475 (HC 1255)
Thirteenth ReportBovine TB HC 638 (HC 1130)
Twelfth ReportReform of the Sugar Regime HC 550-I (HC 1129)
Eleventh ReportGM Planting Regime HC 607 (HC 1128)
Tenth ReportMarine Environment: Government reply HC 706 
Ninth ReportMilk Pricing in the United Kingdom HC 335 (HC 1036)
Eighth ReportGangmasters (follow up) HC 455 (HC 1035)
Seventh ReportImplementation of CAP Reform in the UK HC 226-I (HC 916)
Sixth ReportMarine Environment HC 76 (HC 706)
Fifth ReportThe Food Standards Agency and Shellfish HC 248 (HC 601)
Fourth ReportEnvironmental Directives HC 103 (HC 557)
Third ReportCaught in the net: Cetacean by-catch of dolphins and porpoises off the UK coast HC 88 (HC 540)
Second ReportAnnual Report of the Committee 2003 HC 225
First ReportWater Pricing HC 121 (HC 420)

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Prepared 24 January 2006