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European Scrutiny - Tenth Report

Here you can browse the report together with the Proceedings of the Committee. The published report was ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 16 November 2005.


Terms of Reference


Documents for debate

1 HMT (26855) (26856) (26921) (26941) Audit

2 HO (26837) Return of illegal immigrants

Documents not cleared

3 DCA (25500) Enforcing payment of uncontested debts

4 DCA (26068) Mediation in civil and commercial matters

5 DCA (26911) Protection of personal data processed in the course of police and judicial cooperation

6 DCMS (25859) Culture 2007 programme

7 DEFRA (26502) Financing the implementation of the Common Fisheries

8 DEFRA (26900) Thematic study on air pollution

9 DH (26060) Medicinal products for paediatric use

10 DH (26932) Mental health

11 DTI (26875) State aid

12 DTI (26922) Consumer credit

13 HMT (26744) Money laundering

14 HO (26914) Obligation to provide information on asylum and

Documents cleared

15 DTI (25579) Equal treatment of men and women in employment

16 FCO (26974) The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

17 FCO (26987) Destruction of small arms and light weapons and their ammunition in Ukraine

18 FCO (26993) EU police mission in Macedonia

19 FCO (26779) (26780) European Security and Defence Policy: Peace Monitoring Mission to Indonesia

20 FCO (26977) (26978) Common Foreign and Security Policy — the European Union Monitoring Mission

21 HMRC (26915) Counterfeiting and piracy

22 HMT (26765) Growth and employment

23 HO (26924) External aspects of the area of freedom, security and justice

24 HO (26958) (26985) Trafficking in human beings

Documents not raising questions of sufficient legal or political importance to warrant a substantive report to the House

25 List of documents

Formal minutes

Standing order and membership

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Prepared 25 November 2005