Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Minutes of Evidence

China-UK Joint Statement

  Proposals for developing bilateral co-operation agreed by the two countries' Task Forces:


  At the heart of multi-sectoral collaboration between China and the UK, we will develop bilateral programmes across five key sectors—Finance, Energy, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Healthcare and Water. The sector programmes will be developed in collaboration with industry, with clear business outcomes. The Joint Economic and Trade Commission will be underpinned by annual meetings at Secretary of State level, alternating between the China and UK. These meetings will also cover trade and investment policy issues.

  A UK National Trade and Investment Strategy for China. A new national trade and investment strategy for China will build on UK Trade and Industry's (UKTI) existing work of support for business and prioritising sectors and business services across UK regions and China.

  The two sides will encourage British enterprises to invest in China and Chinese enterprises to invest in the UK.

  The two sides will promote interaction and co-operation between small and medium-sized enterprises of both countries.


  The two sides look forward to the next round of China-UK Financial Dialogue Ministerial consultations in Beijing, at which both sides will be represented at Cabinet rank. The financial dialogue provides a framework for the two sides to continue to enhance and prioritise exchanges and cooperation in the financial field, in particular exchanges and consultations on macro-economic policy and industrial restructuring, public financial management, job-creation, competition and regulatory policy, and environmental management and protection. The two sides encourage participation by the British banking sector in the reform of the Chinese banking sector.


  The two sides welcome proposals to stage an ICT week in China in September 2004.


  The two sides place importance on their energy co-operation. Both are willing to exchange and co-operate through various means in fields such as energy policy, energy reform and development. We are both ready to share information and to promote joint activities in the fields of energy sector governance, energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources of energy. Both China and UK attach importance to sustainable, global energy security and to mitigating, and where possible reversing, the effects of climate change. The two sides note with pleasure the number of energy-related commercial contracts signed during this visit.


  Hold an annual China/UK Education Summit. These will be held alternately in the UK and China, at Ministerial level.

  The Chinese Ministry of Education and UK Department of Education and Skills agree to work together to create scholarship opportunities to support an exchange of high quality post-graduate students to carry out research at universities in China and the UK.The UK to work in collaboration with the Chinese to increase understanding in the UK of modern China. The School Links programme has a helpful role to play.

  Business-led projects to encourage links between industry and education. This would give engineers and others business experience and practical knowledge.


  A "British Science in China" campaign, to be launched in China in January 2005, will enhance Chinese knowledge of UK scientific research and policy.

  Willing to set up a series of exchanges on best practice in the field of intellectual property. A strong intellectual property regime supports science and technology development. The UK wishes to share expertise to assist China's development of an intellectual property regime, consistent with WTO and other requirements, whilst also learning about China's priorities. The long-term benefits could include establishment of research partnerships in all areas of science and technology.

  Establish a China-UK science and innovation park steering committee to guide and support the work of science and technology incubators. The two sides agree to co-operate in research, prevention and treatment of communicable diseases and epidemics, and to intensify information sharing and communication.


  Establish a UK/China Working Group on climate change.

  A well-focused programme of support to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs) in China.


  As partners on the issue of development, China and the UK agree to share experience through a high level dialogue on sustainable development involving a wide range of non-governmental stakeholders.


  Both sides are in favour of increasing cultural exchange and co-operation. They support the Chinese Culture Year held in the UK in 2004.

  Both sides welcome recent progress towards concluding a Cultural Centres Agreement, and reaffirm their commitments to the successful signature of an Agreement at an early date.

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Prepared 13 August 2006