Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Letter to the Parliamentary Relations and Devolution Team, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, from the Second Clerk of the Committee, 26 May 2006

  The Committee has asked me to write requesting written answers to the questions below before the oral evidence session with the Foreign Secretary on Wednesday 7 June. I would be grateful for your response by Monday 5 June.

  1.  What progress has been made through the Berne group process in coordinating the human rights dialogues of EU countries with China?

  2.  How are business promotion activities divided between UKTI, CBBC and the BCCC?

  3.  How is Government strategy on China coordinated between Whitehall departments?

  4.  Please list the UK diplomatic posts and resources in China and Taiwan and explain how these are projected to change over the period of the FCO Strategy.

  5.  Has the UK signed up to participate in Expo 2010 in Shanghai and if not, why not?

  6.  How does the EU implement its China strategy on the ground?

Sarah Ioannou

Second Clerk of the Committee

26 May 2006

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Prepared 13 August 2006