Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary written evidence submitted by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office




    —  Nine GOF projects, under Sustainable Development Programme (SDP) worth £307,704.

    —  One GOF SDP project "Enhancing human rights in prisons through training prison staff and reforming prison management" will continue from this financial year into next, worth £31,000.

    —  12 project implementers and partners.

1.  Project Title: China: Police and Human Rights

Thematic Area:
Combating torture, rule of law
£ in current FY:41,570
Project purpose:To develop and deliver a relevant and practical training course to raise the human rights awareness of basic level police in Wuhan with respect to international standards for law enforcement and to disseminate the lessons learned.
Other Information:This is the second year of this two-year project.

2.  Project Title:
Promoting judicial justice by reforming criminal trial procedure

Thematic Area:
Rule of Law
£ in current FY:35,800
Project purpose:Improving protection for defendants in criminal trial procedure.
Other Information:This is the second year of this two-year project.

3.  Project Title:
Enhancing Human Rights in Prisons through Training Prison Staff and Reforming Prison Management

Thematic Area:
Rule of Law
£ in current FY:30,500
Project Purpose:Contribution to human rights in the prisons through training prison staff and reforming prison management.
Other Information:This is the second year of this three-year project.

4.  Project Title:
China: Prison Reform

Thematic Area:
Rule of Law
£ in current FY:23,670
Project Purpose:To produce a series of coherent recommendations to the NPC and the Chinese government for the reform of Chinese prisons which will promote greater respect for the human rights of prisoners. Recommendations will address, in particular, the role of labour in the prison regime, shortcomings in existing legislation, measures to promote parole and reduce the incarceration rate and the rehabilitation and resettlement of prisoners.
Other Information:This is the second year of this two-year project. Co-funding from the Ford Foundation.

5.  Project Title:
Hold the front page-Pushing human rights up China's news agenda

Thematic Area:
Freedom of Expression
£ in current FY:64,414
Project Purpose:To improve human rights reporting in China and develop the role of the media as a human rights "watchdog". The project will achieve this by equipping Chinese journalists, editors and media professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to enhance their reporting on human rights issues.
Other Information:16 months' project (October 2005-January 2007).

6.  Project Title:
Reforming the Death Penalty Review System

Thematic Area:
Abolishing the death penalty
£ in current FY:17,250
Project Purpose:Promoting the protection of defendants' rights by improving the safeguards and developing criteria in the death penalty review and approval procedure.
Other Information:11 months' project (October 2005-August 2006).

7.  Project Title:
Exposing Chinese Prison Supervisors to International Prison Inspection Standards

Thematic Area:
Rule of law, combating torture
£ in current FY:31,500
Project Purpose:Exposing Chinese prosecutors to international standards and obligations of prison practices and performance with respect to prisoners' rights and contributing to improvement in the target area.
Other Information:Eight months' project (April-November 2006).

8.  Project Title:
UN Convention against Torture (CAT) and Optional Protocol

Thematic Area:
Combating torture
£ in current FY:23,000
Project Purpose:To raise awareness of China's international obligations under CAT, provide an introduction to the Optional Protocol and stimulate debate about the prevalence of torture in China.
Other Information:GOF funds the launching activity in an EU-funded three-year project (total value EURO 733,800, 2006-08) to research and develop prevention of torture mechanisms.

9.  Project Title:
Chinese Police and Criminal Procedure Reform

Thematic Area:
Rule of law
£ in current FY:37,000
Project Purpose:To improve the MPS Legal Affairs Department drafts of the guidelines and regulations covering interrogation of detainees and confiscation of assets and ensure better adherence to international human rights standards in these areas.
Other Information:Co-funding from the MPS at £20,000.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

June 2006

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