Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Seventh Report


Foreign Affairs Committee Visit to China and Taiwan, 8-18 May 2006

Participating Members:

Mike Gapes
Mr Fabian Hamilton
Mr Paul Keetch
Andrew Mackinlay 
Sandra Osborne
Mr Greg Pope
Sir John Stanley
Ms Gisela Stuart
Richard Younger-Ross


Monday 8 May

Consul-General, Stephen Bradley, and staff

Tuesday 9 May

Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, China Labour Bulletin, the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong, Human Rights in China

Guy de Jonquieres (Financial Times), Tom Mitchell (Financial Times), Stephen Vines, (Guardian), Jon Rutwitch (Reuters)

Legislators: Albert Chan (Independent Democrat), Lee Cheuk-Yan (Frontier/ Confederation Trade Unions), Choy So Yuk (Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong), Alan Leong (Civic Party), Martin Lee (Democratic Party), Audrey Eu (Civic Party), Tsang Yok-sing (Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong), Leung Kwok-hung (Independent Democrat), Albert Cheng (Independent Democrat)

Wong Yan-Lung, Secretary for Justice and Robert Allcock, Solicitor General

Donald Tsang, Chief Executive

Thomas Roe, Head, Office of European Commission in Hong Kong

Han Dongfang (China Labour Bulletin)

Wednesday 10 May

Christopher Page, Chairman, and Members, British Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong


William Ehrman, CMG, Her Majesty's Ambassador to the People's Republic of China

Jiang Enzhu, Chairman, and Members, Foreign Affairs Committee, National People's Congress

Thursday 11 May

Zheng Lizhong, Vice Director, Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council

Ben Blanchard (Reuters), Clifford Coonan (Independent), Jane Macartney (Times), Jonathan Watts (Guardian), Dominic Waghorn (Sky News)

Jin Linbo, China Institute of International Studies, Gu Guoliang, Institute of American Studies, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Liu Yongsheng, Senior Researcher, China Arms Control and Disarmament Association, Pan Zhenqiang, Professor, Institute for Strategic Studies, Zhang Xioaming, Professor, Peking University.

Ji Peiding, Chairman of the UK Friendship Group of the National People's Congress

Han Wenxiu, Deputy Director-General, Department of Comprehensive Affairs, National Development and Reform Commission

Liu Bainian, Vice Chair, Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association

Chevening Alumni

Friday 12 May

China Britain Business Council

Nicole Davison, HM Consul, and staff

Human rights activists

Li Zhaoxing, Foreign Minister

Patrick Horgan, Director, and Members, British Chamber of Commerce in China


(Mike Gapes , Mr Paul Keetch, Mr Greg Pope, Sandra Osborne)

Monday 15 May

Sue Bishop, Consul-General, and staff

Shen Dingli, Executive Dean, Institute of International Studies; Huang Renwei, Vice President, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences; Zhaung Jianzhong, School of International and Public Affairs, Centre of RimPac Studies, Shanghai Jioatong University; Zhang Tiejun, Director, Department of European Studies, Shanghai Institute for International Studies; Feng Shaolei, Dean, School of Advanced International Relations and Area Studies, East China Normal University

Roots and Shoots (NGO)

Zhou Mu Yao, Vice Chairman, Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, Shanghai

Tuesday 16 May

British Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai

British Council

Geoff Dyer (Financial Times), and Mark O'Neill (South China Morning Post)

Jing Yiming, Deputy Chief Executive of Airport Construction, Lin Chen Director of Planning and Design and Tang Jieyao, Director of Terminal Project at Pudong International Airport


(Sir John Stanley, Mr Fabian Hamilton, Andrew Mackinlay, Ms Gisela Stuart, Richard Younger-Ross)

Saturday 13 May

Abbot and Management Committee of Sera Monastery

Mr Champa Garden, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Tibet Autonomous Region

Mr. Lobsang Gyaltsen, Vice Chairman of the Government of the Tibet Autonomous Region

Sunday 14 May 2006

Mr. Shobe, Deputy Mayor of Lhasa Municipal Government

Officials from the Development and Reform Commission, Public Security Bureau and Environmental Protection Bureau, Tibet Autonomous Region

Monday 15 May 2006

Mr. Bhasang Tsering, Deputy Director-General of the Working Committee of the People's Congress of Lhokar Prefecture, Tsedang

Abbot and Management Committee of Samye Monastery


Wednesday 17 May

Michael Reilly, Director, and staff, British Trade and Cultural Office

President Chen Shui-bian

Legislators: Chuang Suo-han (Democratic Progressive Party), Su Chi (KMT), Daniel Huang (People First Party), Bi-Khim Hsiao (Democratic Progressive Party), Joanna Lei (KMT), Shangren Lee (Taiwan Solidarity Union), Lai Shin-Yuan (Taiwan Solidarity Union), Chuang Suo-han (Democratic Progressive Party)

Chou I-jen, Secretary-General, National Security Council

Vice Premier Tsai Ing-wen

James Huang, Foreign Minister

Monsignor Madtha, Apostolic Nunciature

Professor Norman Yin, Department of Banking, National Chengchi University, Tsai Hsung-Hsiung, President, National Policy Foundation, Lin Wen-cheng, Vice President, Taiwan Foundation for Democracy, Stephen Chen, convenor, National Security Division, National Policy Foundation, Professor Chao Chien-min, Vice President, Foundation on International and Cross-strait Studies, Professor Michael Hsiao, national Policy Adviser to the President, Huang Guo-jun, Vice-President, Institute for Information Industry

Thursday 18 May 2006

Joseph Wu, Chairman, Mainland Affairs Council

Chung Jung-Chi, Deputy Speaker, Legislative Yuan

Lien Chan, Honorary Chairman, KMT

Christine Skinner, Director, British Council, Caroline Gluck, Taipei Correspondent, British Broadcasting Corporation, and members of the British business community.

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Prepared 13 August 2006