Select Committee on Home Affairs and Work and Pensions First Report


Written evidence published in Volume II

1Federation of Master Builders
Ev 1
2Engineering Construction Industry Association
Ev 3
3Union of Construction Allied Trades and Technicians
Ev 4
4Gary Roberts
Ev 8
5Occupational and Environmental Health Research Group, University of Stirling
Ev 8
6British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association
Ev 11
7English Community Care Association
Ev 15
8South East Employers
Ev 15
9Trades Union Congress
Ev 16
10Transport and General Workers' Union
Ev 18
11Transport and General Workers' Union
Ev 26
12Seren Group Ltd
Ev 29
13Public and Commercial Services Union
Ev 30
14Public and Commercial Services Union, Department for Work and Pensions Group
Ev 31
15Councillor Gordon Graham
Ev 32
16Professor G R Sullivan
Ev 33
17Gary Brown
Ev 35
18Niall Tierman
Ev 36
19Association of Council Secretaries and Solicitors
Ev 37
20Crime Committee of the Superintendents Association of England and Wales
Ev 38
21The Railway Forum
Ev 39
22Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
Ev 43
23Institute of Directors
Ev 44
24Risk Frisk Ltd
Ev 48
25Business Services Association
Ev 52
26NHS Confederation
Ev 54
27Rebecca Huxley-Binns and Michael Jefferson
Ev 54
Ev 58
Ev 59
30Rail Safety and Standards Board
Ev 62
31Medical Defence Union
Ev 64
32Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services
Ev 65
33Dr Nigel Dudley
Ev 67
34Lilly Lewy
Ev 67
354 U Recruitment Ltd
Ev 68
36Norman Hutchings
Ev 69
37Disaster Action
Ev 69
38Robert Erskine
Ev 71
39Independent Police Complaints Commission
Ev 76
40Construction Confederation
Ev 76
41British Retail Consortium
Ev 77
42Ian Watson
Ev 79
43Simon Jones Memorial Campaign
Ev 79
44Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety
Ev 85
45Association of Train Operating Companies
Ev 87
46CMS Cameron McKenna
Ev 100
47Lord Chief Justice, Lord Woolf
Ev 108
48British Ports Association
Ev 109
49Thompsons Solicitors
Ev 110
50Heating and Ventilating Contractors' Association
Ev 112
51Law Reform Committee of the General Council of the Bar
Ev 114
52Association of Principal Fire Officers
Ev 122
53Regional Airports Limited
Ev 125
54Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust
Ev 126
55Shires Safety Consultants
Ev 126
56Roy Cotterill
Ev 129
57Dr Simon Bennett
Ev 130
58Greenwoods Solicitors
Ev 131
Ev 132
60Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
Ev 134
61Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
Ev 135
62Ergonomics Society
Ev 135
63London Criminal Courts Solicitors' Associations
Ev 137
Ev 148
65Catalyst 123 Ltd
Ev 150
66Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
Ev 150
67Bernard Taylor
Ev 152
68Bryan Wilson
Ev 152
69Centre for Corporate Accountability
Ev 153
70Dawn Oliver
Ev 185
71Communication Workers' Union, Merseyside and South West Lancashire Branch
Ev 187
Ev 188
73South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust
Ev 191
74UK Major Ports Group
Ev 191
75Kevin McCloskey
Ev 192
76Health and Safety Commission
Ev 192
77Commercial Workers Union
Ev 192
78Southlands Nursing Home
Ev 197
79Beachcroft Wansbroughs
Ev 198
80Zurich Financial Services
Ev 199
81Food and Drink Federation
Ev 201
Ev 202
83Energy Networks Association
Ev 204
84Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
Ev 205
85County Surveyor's Society
Ev 208
86Association of British Insurers
Ev 209
87Institute of Electrical Engineers
Ev 209
88British Rubber Manufacturers' Association Ltd
Ev 210
89Keoghs Solicitors
Ev 211
90Gerard Forlin
Ev 213
91Fire Brigades Union
Ev 214
92Law Society
Ev 219
93David Thomas
Ev 222
94Royal Academy of Engineering
Ev 223
95Bluefinger Limited
Ev 226
96JRB Risk Identification, Assessment and Control Services
Ev 226
97Warwickshire County Council
Ev 227
98EEF—The Manufacturers' Organisation
Ev 228
99National Blood Authority
Ev 231
100Road Haulage Association Ltd
Ev 231
Ev 232
102Institution of Civil Engineers
Ev 237
Ev 238
104Association of Personal Injury Lawyers
Ev 241
105DWF Solicitors
Ev 247
106Confederation of British Industry
Ev 248
107Communication Workers Union
Ev 253
108Living Streets
Ev 260
109Transport for London
Ev 261
110Law Commission
Ev 261
111David Thomas
Ev 262
112Mike Shuker
Ev 263
113Tim Midgley
Ev 264
114Ford and Warren Solicitors
Ev 265
115Martin Elliott
Ev 266
116Asda Stores Ltd
Ev 268
117British Energy
Ev 270
118Zerrin Lovett
Ev 271
119Centrica Plc
Ev 272
120General Counsel 100 Group
Ev 274
121Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
Ev 275
122David Daniel
Ev 277
123Simone Plant
Ev 277
124Public Concern at Work
Ev 278
125Mike and Martina Pansonly
Ev 278
126Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council
Ev 279
127Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council
Ev 280
128Police Federation of England and Wales
Ev 282
129Prison Reform Trust
Ev 283
Ev 283
131Roy Thornley
Ev 286
132Hampshire County Council
Ev 290
133Restorative Justice Consortium
Ev 290
134Norton Roe
Ev 293
135Chamber of Shipping
Ev 295
136Mr Justice Silber
Ev 296
137Confederation of Passenger Transport
Ev 297
138Royal Society for the Promotion of Health
Ev 297
Ev 298
140British Coatings Federation
Ev 299
141Electrical Contractors' Association
Ev 299
142Victim Support
Ev 301
143Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators
Ev 303
144Employer's Organisation for Local Government
Ev 303
145National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers
Ev 305
146Better Regulation Task Force
Ev 309
Ev 309
148Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians
Ev 315
149Marchioness Contact Group
Ev 316
150National Patient Safety Agency
Ev 317
151British Air Line Pilots Association
Ev 317
152Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority
Ev 319
153TUC Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Students, Derby College, 2004-05
Ev 319
154Specialist Engineering Contractors' Group
Ev 320
155Association of Chief Police Officers of England, Wales and Northern Ireland
Ev 322
156University of Leeds
Ev 326
157British Maritime Law Association
Ev 327
158Serco-Ned Railways
Ev 328
159South Wales Police
Ev 329
160Dr Hazel Hartley
Ev 330
161Balfour Beatty
Ev 332
162Professor Frank B Wright
Ev 334
163 Network Rail
Ev 337

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Prepared 20 December 2005