Select Committee on Home Affairs Fifth Report


Tuesday 13 December 2005
Ms Mary Coussey, Independent Race Monitor, Ms Fiona Lindsley, Independent Monitor for Entry Clearance Refusals, and Dr Ann Barker, Immigration and Nationality Directorate Complaints Audit Committee
Ev 1
Tuesday 10 January 2006
Professor Nigel Harris, RSA Migration Commission, and Dr Khalid Koser, Global Commission on International Migration
Ev 18
Sir Andrew Green KCMG, Migration Watch UK, and Dr Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah, Institute for Public Policy Research
Ev 29
Tuesday 17 January 2006
Mr Keith Best and Mr Colin Yeo, Immigration Advisory Service, and Mr Chris Randall and Mr Matthew Davies, Immigration Law Practitioners' Association
Ev 41
Tuesday 24 January 2006
Mr Justice Hodge CBE, Asylum and Immigration Tribunal, and Mr Justice Collins, Royal Courts of Justice
Ev 63
Mrs Suzanne McCarthy and Mr Stephen Seymour, Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner
Ev 75
Tuesday 7 March 2006
Ms Mandie Campbell, UKvisas, and Mr Tom Dowdall, Mr Chris Hudson, and Mr Dave Wilson, Immigration and Nationality Directorate
Ev 79
Tuesday 28 March 2006
Ms Sarah Harland, Zimbabwe Association, Dr JoAnn McGregor, University of Reading, and Mr Crispen Kulinji
Ev 98
Ms Christine Lee, Christine Lee & Co., Mr Robert Lee and Ms Xiao Hong
Ev 104
Mr Bobby Chan, Central London Law Centre
Ev 110
Tuesday 9 May 2006
Mr Dominic Scott, UKCOSA, and Dr Karen Wilson
Ev 115
Ms Louise Massamba, Mr André Massamba and Ms Judy Ahmadi, Brides Without Borders
Ev 122
Mr Mark Rimmer, London Borough of Brent, Mr Derek Beoku-Betts, Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, and Ms Pragna Patel, Southall Black Sisters
Ev 124
Dr John Simmonds, British Association for Adoption and Fostering, Ms Debbie Ariyo, Africans Unite Against Child Abuse, and Mr Nathan Glew and Ms Oyewo Ekelemu, Southwark Social Services
Ev 130
Tuesday 16 May 2006
Mr Mark Boleat, Association of Labour Providers, and Mr Chris Kaufman, Transport and General Workers' Union
Ev 135
Mr Jonathan Portes, Department for Work and Pensions, and Mr James Quinault, Immigration and Nationality Directorate
Ev 141
Mr Dave Roberts, Immigration and Nationality Directorate
Ev 148
Tuesday 23 May 2006
Rt Hon John Reid MP, Secretary of State for the Home Department, Sir David Normington KCB, Home Office, Ms Lin Homer, Immigration and Nationality Directorate, and Ms Helen Edwards CBE, National Offender Management Service
Ev 155
Tuesday 6 June 2006
Ms Lin Homer and Ms Mandie Campbell, Immigration and Nationality Directorate, and Mr Phil Wheatley, HM Prison Service
Ev 170
Monday 12 June 2006
Sir John Gieve KCB and Mr Stephen Boys Smith CB
Ev 189
Tuesday 13 June 2006
Mr Liam Byrne MP, Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Nationality, Home Office, Ms Lin Homer, Immigration and Nationality Directorate, and Lord Triesman, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, and Ms Denise Holt, Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Ev 199

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Prepared 23 July 2006