Select Committee on Home Affairs Fifth Report


Written Evidence published in Volume II (HC 775-II)
1Amnesty International UK
Ev 1
2Association of Visitors to Immigration Detainees
Ev 4
3Bail for Immigration Detainees
Ev 6
4Dr Roger Ballard
Ev 11
Ev 13
6Board of Airline Representatives in the UK
Ev 15
7Brides Without Borders: Keep Couples Together
Ev 16
8British Air Transport Association
Ev 19
9British Airways
Ev 21
10Children's Commissioner for England
Ev 23
11Children's Society
Ev 26
12Commission for Racial Equality
Ev 28
13Pamela Cressey MBE
Ev 33
14Devon and Cornwall Refugee Support Council
Ev 34
15Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group
Ev 36
16Immigration Advisory Service
Ev 39
17Immigration and Nationality Directorate, Home Office
Ev 43
18IND Complaints Audit Committee
Ev 69
19Independent Race Monitor
Ev 70
20Immigration Law Practitioners' Association
Ev 72
21Institute for Public Policy Research
Ev 77
22Islington Law Centre
Ev 79
23Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants
Ev 82
Ev 86
25Law Centre NI
Ev 89
26Luton Accommodation and Move On Project
Ev 93
27Mayor of London
Ev 93
28Migration Watch UK
Ev 97
29Public and Commercial Services Union
Ev 99
30Refugee Council and Oxfam
Ev 101
31Refugee Support Group Devon
Ev 108
32Save the Children
Ev 112
33Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People
Ev 115
34Scottish Refugee Council
Ev 119
35Settle Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Ev 121
36Student Volunteering England and the National Union of Students
Ev 124
37Tandem Communications and Research
Ev 126
38UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group
Ev 127
39United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Ev 129
40Virgin Atlantic Airways
Ev 132
41Kamal K Vohora
Ev 134
42Volunteering England
Ev 135
Written Evidence published in Volume III (HC 775-III)
1Africans Unite against Child Abuse
Ev 217
2Professor Geoffrey Alderman
Ev 219
3Association of Colleges
Ev 220: Ev 221
4Bedfordshire Police
Ev 222
5Brent Registrar
Ev 224
6British Association for Adoption and Fostering
Ev 226
7British Council
Ev 230
8Cambridgeshire Constabulary
Ev 231
9Mrs Ann Cryer MP
Ev 231
10General Medical Council
Ev 238
11Immigration Advisory Service
Ev 240
12Immigration and Nationality Directorate, Home Office
Ev 241; Ev 277: Ev 278: Ev 281,
Ev 283: Ev 355: Ev 361: Ev 363:
Ev 376:Ev 388: Ev 390: Ev 401:
Ev 405: Ev 407: Ev 408
13Immigration and Nationality Directorate, Home Office; UKvisas, Foreign and Commonwealth Office; and the Department for Constitutional Affairs
Ev 244
14Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants
Ev 285
15Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner
Ev 289
16North London Chinese Association
Ev 294
17Dr JoAnn McGregor
Ev 303
18Merseyside Police
Ev 306
19Northamptonshire Police
Ev 308
20Northumbria Police
Ev 308
21Wei Shen
Ev 309
22South Yorkshire Police
Ev 315
23Suffolk Police
Ev 316
Ev 316
Ev 318: Ev 320
26Universities UK
Ev 323
27Zimbabwe Association
Ev 328: Ev 354
28Chris Mullin MP
Ev 331: Ev 390
29Association of British Language Schools
Ev 332
30Southall Black Sisters
Ev 333
31Brides Without Borders
Ev 346
32Mrs Louise Massamba
Ev 352: Ev 353
33Association of Labour Providers
Ev 370
34Transport and General Workers Union
Ev 373
35Asylum and Immigration Tribunal
Ev 386
36Rt Hon John Reid MP, Secretary of State for the Home Department
Ev 387
37Vini Sharma
Ev 388
38Home Office
Ev 395
39Liam Byrne MP, Minister of State for Immigration, Citizenship and Nationality
Ev 396
40Rt Hon Charles Clarke MP
Ev 399
41Department for Work and Pensions
Ev 404
42 Lord Triesman of Tottenham, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Commonwealth Office
Ev 408

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Prepared 23 July 2006