Select Committee on Home Affairs Written Evidence

16.  Supplementary memorandum submitted by Gregory Smith

  As you may recall during the Select Committee inquiry it was mentioned about the lack of skills and experience for examining and handling mobile telephone evidence. Below are the list of Trew MTE courses, which will now include for 2006 knowledge skills and experience that will take account of Committee's public inquiry.

  I thought the Committee may wish to see mine and others comments at the inquiry were not just statements, they can be put into practice.


  Trew MTE runs numerous courses that are device specific and general.


  Whilst GSM (Global System for Mobile) communications is a Pan-European standard (at since inception 1991) it has gained global appeal and adopted in many countries around the World. Given its global adoption GSM is now a global digital wireless standard. GSM is known as 2G (Second Generation digital wireless technology system).


  3G (Third Generation digital wireless technology system) is a development of the 3GPP (Third Generation Project Partnership) that brings together international operators and device manufacturers. Whilst 3G has been technically realised and technically implemented (rolled out for use) it is still evolving as a multi-media digital wireless system and its global adoption is expected (when compared with GSM) to take about 10 years. 3G it is said is an International standard.

1.   GSM SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) Card Courses

  1.1 Introduction to SIM card examination course (2 day course).

  1.2 SIMIS version 1 (2 day course).

  1.3 SIMIS version 2 enhanced (2 day course).

  1.4 PhoneBase version 1 (2 day course).

2.   3G USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module Card Courses

  2.1 Introduction to USIM card examination course (2 day course).

  2.2 USIM Detective version 1 (2 day course).

3.   Mobile Telephone (handset device) courses

  3.1 Introduction to Mobile Telephone Examination course (2 day course).

  3.2 PhoneBase 2 (2 day course).

4.   GSM Cell Site Analysis

  4.1 GSM Mobile Telephone Network Overview (1 day course).

  4.2 GSM Cell Site Identitication (2 day course).

  4.3 Site Survey (2 day course).

  4.4 GSM Cell Site Testing (2 day course).

  4.5 GSM radio test measurements (2 day course).

5.   Interpreting Mobile Communications Data Course

  5.1 Interpretating evidential data from GSM handsets and SIM card (2 day course).

  5.2 Interpreting evidential data from GSM network call records (2 day course).

Gregory Smith

Chief Training Officer

Consulting Fornesic Engineers

Trew MTE

23 March 2006

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