Select Committee on Health Third Report


1Supplementary memoranda from the Department of Health (CP 01A)
Ev 103
2Supplementary letter from Lord Warner, Department of Health (CP 01B)
Ev 134
3British Dental Association (CP 11A)
Ev 134
4Citizens Advice (CP 20A)
Ev 137
5Association of Optometrists, Association of British Dispensing Opticians and the Federation of Ophthalmic & Dispensing Opticians (CP 26A)
Ev 137
6Mind (CP 19A)
Ev 139
7Simplyhealth (formerly HAS Group) (CP 27A)
Ev 139
8Hammersmith Hospitals NHS Trust (CP 39)
Ev 140
9All Party Parliamentary Group on Primary Care and Public Health (CP 40)
Ev 141
10International Glaucoma Association (CP 37)
Ev 146
11Ms Anna Dixon and Ms Sarah Thomson (CP 44)
Ev 149
12David Magnus (CP 35)
Ev 153
13Dr Geoff Searle (CP 38)
Ev 154
14Professor Peter C Smith (CP 36)
Ev 155
15 Professor John Mohan (CP 45)
Ev 159

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Prepared 18 July 2006