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  Churchill Hospital, Oxford

    —  Radiotherapy & chemotherapy patients all get free parking permits

    —  Inpatients only pay £5 to park for their whole spell in hospital

    —  Patients told about the permits at their planning appointment before they start treatment

    —  This is an official scheme - the hospital writes off the lost revenue.

  Lincoln County Hospital

    —  All cancer patients get their ticket stamped so they can park for free

    —   Patients told about the scheme in letters and appointments before they start treatment.

  Cookridge Hospital

    —  Patients attending daily radiotherapy are given a parking permit from the main reception so that they or their escort can park for free

    —  Chemotherapy patients may qualify for a permit if they are attending all day

    —  Patients are told about the scheme at their planning meeting before starting treatment and it is also advertised at the information centre and on the day care ward

    —  The scheme is administered by the receptionist at the main reception

    —  The scheme is not subsidised by the department - the cost is just written off by the hospital.

  Leicester Royal Infirmary

    —  Charges: 0-1 hour: £1; 1-2 hours: £1.50, 2-3 hours: £2; 3-4 hours: £3; 4-5 hours: £4, 5-6 hours £6, up to 24 hours: £10

    —  Two years ago cancer patients did not have to pay. Now all cancer patients have to pay.

  Royal Surrey County Hospital

    —  Charges: 0-1 hours: £1; 1-2 hours: £1.50; 2-3 hours: £2.50; 3-4 hours: £3.50; 4-5 hours: £4.50; Over 5 hours: £6

    —  There is a small dedicated car park for the centre, but patients need to buy a ticket. Weekly concession tickets are available for £15 a week for all patients (not just cancer patients).

  Christie Hospital, Manchester

    —  Charges: 0-4 hours: £1.50; 4-8 hours: £2.50; 8-24 hours £10

    —  A free parking permit is only offered at the discretion of staff for patients in serious financial difficulty.

  North Middlesex Hospital

    —  Charges: 0-2 hours: £3; 2-3 hours £2.50, 3-4 hours: £6p; 4-5 hours: £7.50; 5 hours and over £9

    —  Radiotherapy and chemotherapy patients used to be able to get their ticket stamped so that they could park free, but not anymore. Daily visitors can obtain a ticket which allows parking for £1 a day.

52   The information in this appendix is based on data from Macmillan's hospital audit which has been subsequently verified by checking hospital websites and telephoning the hospitals. Back

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