Select Committee on International Development Written Evidence

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  Business Action for Africa (BAA) is a rapidly growing network of businesses and business organisations, from Africa and elsewhere, launched in July 2005 to build on the momentum of the Commission for Africa (CFA) and G8.

  The founders of the network were closely involved with the work of the CFA, starting with a business breakfast hosted by the Chancellor of Exchequer, the Rt.Hon. Gordon Brown, MP, and Niall Fitzgerald (then Chair of Unilever) in July 2004.

  The member companies also made a significant input to the work of the Commission and held a major business conference shortly before the Gleneagles Summit to urge the G8 to respond generously to Africa's development needs but also to work for improvements in governance and in the investment climate in many parts of Africa.


  Participants of BAA will showcase existing actions, and develop new ones, in support of three objectives:

    —  To influence positively policies needed for growth and poverty reduction.

    —  To promote a more balanced view of Africa.

    —  To develop and showcase good business practice.


  Participants have decided to focus on six themes—these are the basis of building partnerships, knowledge networking, advocacy and bringing in new participants:

    —  Governance and Transparency.

    —  Climate for Business.

    —  Trade.

    —  Enterprise and Employment.

    —  Human Development.

    —  Perceptions of Africa.


  Currently, BAA has around 80 participants including:

    —  Around 50 businesses.

    —  Around 20 business organisations.

    —  Around 10 external partners (including DFID as a sponsor).

  An Oversight Group is made of BAA's sponsers: Anglo American, De Beers, Diageo, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck Sharpe & Dohme, SABMiller, Shell, Unilever, International Business Leaders Forum, DFID, DWP/DfES, UKTI.

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