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Annex 1


Curriculum and testing

  Maintained schools must provide the national curriculum and participate in national curriculum tests and assessments. They must also provide RE and Collective Worship.


  Voluntary aided and foundation school admission authorities may operate any admissions criteria that comply with the School Admissions Code of Practice. The Code allows schools with a religious character to give priority to children who are of the faith of the school. However, if they cannot fill all their places with children of their faith they must admit other applicants.


  All maintained schools must have a head teacher. Teaching staff in a maintained school normally hold qualified teacher status but not exclusively. Qualified teachers in maintained schools are entitled to agreed terms and conditions.


  All maintained schools must have a governing body: it has a key role in helping the school provide the best possible standard of education for all its pupils.

Equal opportunities

  All maintained schools must offer equal opportunities to boys and girls, unless they are single sex schools. Schools must not discriminate against disabled pupils on the grounds of disability but must address the individual needs of every child in terms of personal development and access to education and other life opportunities. Schools must comply with the law on race relations by promoting good relations between racial groups and eliminating racial discrimination.

Special educational needs

  Schools must admit a child with a statement of special needs from the local education authority and must consider the most effective ways of delivering special educational needs support to any pupils requiring it.

Community cohesion

  Maintained schools must take account of the needs of families and the wider community. They must promote community cohesion by working with other schools to enable pupils to gain an understanding of, and share experiences with others from, different ethnic, cultural or faith backgrounds.

19971998 199920002001 200220032004 (P) 2005 (P)
Applications received
(excluding dependants) (2)
32,50046,01571,160 80,31571,02584,130 49,40533,96025,720
Applications received
(including dependants) (2)
41,50058,50091,200 98,90091,600103,080 60,04540,62530,460

(1)      Figures rounded to the nearest 5.

(2)      May exclude some cases lodged at Local Enforcement Offices between January 1999 and March 2000.

(P)      Provisional figures.

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