Select Committee on Office of the Deputy Prime Minister: Housing, Planning, Local Government and the Regions Written Evidence



  1.  We have used the population of England which describes itself as other than white British as a proxy for the immigrant population. In fact 58% of this population was born overseas,[190] so it gives a reasonable guide to the household characteristics of the immigrant population.

  2.  We have calculated the number of households per adults of working age (16-65). Children do not make any difference to the number of households as they cannot form separate households. People of pension age, in contrast, do have a major impact on the numbers of households. The ageing of England's population will create the need for many additional households because of the number of pensioners who form single member households. However, the growth in pensioner households is separately factored into the household projection calculations.

  3.  Leaving out these two groups of people we are left with the following data:
White British Other
16-64 Population[191] (millions) 27.116 4.264
Households[192] (millions) 13.666 2.021
Adults per household 1.98 2.11

  4.  The difference in occupancy rates (excluding all pensioner households) is therefore less than 7% greater for ethnic groups compared to White British.

  5.  The age group of net immigrants is predominantly from 15 to 44 and, over the years 1994-2003 inclusive, 92% have been in the age group 15 to 60-65. Applying the occupancy rate of 2.11 adults of working age to the projected net inflow of 145,000 would therefore also point to a household formation rate of 63,000 pa—similar to the estimate of 66,000 in paragraph 4 above.


190   Census 2001 table S102. Back

191   Census 2001 table S101-England. Back

192   Census 2001 table S106 (Households by ethnic group of household reference person)-England-excluding single and all pensioner households. Back

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Prepared 20 March 2006