Select Committee on Office of the Deputy Prime Minister: Housing, Planning, Local Government and the Regions Written Evidence



Assembly roleBrief description Principal sources of guidance and advice

ScrutinyStatutory requirement for RDAs to have regard for the views of the Assembly in preparing and developing their Regional Strategies. In practice, Assemblies have adopted more formal scrutiny roles. 1998 RDA Act (clause 18(1) and guidance to RDAs.
Strengthening Regional Accountability paper (DETR 2001)
Guidance on Regional Chambers Fund
Regional Planning and TransportAll Regional Assemblies have been designated at the Regional Planning Body (RPB), responsible for preparing draft RPG, and in the future RSS (incorporating a Regional Transport Strategy). Other regional planning roles include overseeing RSS delivery, monitoring Local Development Frameworks and strategic applications for conformity with RSS, and contributing to technical studies. Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004(including regulations PPS11, Regional Planning, and previously, PPG11, Regional Planning Performance management framework for Planning Delivery Grant
ODPM Regional Spatial Strategies Supplementary Guidance(April 2003)
DfT and ODPM Guide to Producing Regional Transport Strategies(2002)
Policy Development and Regional
The White Paper, Your Region, Your Choice, gave Assemblies an enhanced remit to strengthen policy development and coordination at regional level. Most assemblies have undertaken work to help join-up policies and strategies, as well as new policy development to fill gaps. Your Region, Your Choice(ODPM, cabinet office May 2002)
Guidance on Regional Chambers Fund
Assemblies' own corporate plans, strategies etc.
Partnership WorkingMost Assemblies have undertaken work to strengthen regional-level partnership relationships and structures, and to strengthen and widen stakeholder involvement in regional initiatives. Ministerial Guidance on Regional Assemblies
Your Region, Your Choice (ODPM, Cabinet office May 2002)
Assemblies' own corporate plans, strategies etc.
Voice of the RegionThere is no formal Guidance to Assemblies; most have developed a communications function to raise the profile of their work and to influence policy development in the region, in Whitehall and in Brussels. Assemblies' own corporate plans, strategies etc.
Corporate AffairsNot a "role" as such, the growth in Assemblies' resources, staff and workloads has meant that financial and organisational management issues have become increasingly important. ODPM Guidance on Assembly two-year business plans (2004)
Guidance on Regional Chambers Fund
Assemblies' own corporate plans, strategies etc

  Source: ODPM, 2005.

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