Select Committee on Public Accounts Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary memorandum submitted by the Department of Health

Question 21 (Kitty Ussher) Dental facilities in LIFT developments

  There are no formal guidelines on the number of dental facilities to provide within a LIFT development. Dental services can be incorporated into LIFT schemes if the local circumstances mean that it is appropriate and viable to do so, but it is not compulsory to incorporate dental facilities. Primary care trusts (PCTs) can offer other assistance to dental practices to improve access to NHS services, including help with the cost of premises, if they consider it appropriate to do so. PCTs will have greater opportunity to support the development of dental services when they take over responsibility for the local commissioning of all primary dental care services from April 2006.

  Of the 33 LIFT buildings so far open to patients, 11 include a dental facility. For example, the recently opened Walker Centre in Newcastle provides a community dentist and three dental training chairs used by students from the local dentist hospital.

Supplementary question (Mr Richard Bacon)

LIFT Projects Guaranteed Minimum Annual Return

  There is no guaranteed minimum annual return on a LIFT project. The financial model for each individual LIFT financial close will detail the expected rate of return for the investors in the LIFT Company. These rates of return are not guaranteed, but are dependent on the performance of the LIFT Company in managing its assets and supply chain.

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Prepared 4 July 2006