Select Committee on Public Accounts Thirty-Eighth Report

List of Reports from the Committee of Public Accounts Session 2005-06

First ReportManaging National Lottery Distribution Fund balances HC 408 (Cm 6712)
Second ReportThe regeneration of the Millennium Dome and associated land HC 409 (Cm 6689)
Third ReportMinistry of Defence: Major Projects Report 2004 HC 410 (Cm 6712)
Fourth ReportFraud and error in benefit expenditure HC 411 (Cm 6728)
Fifth ReportInland Revenue: Tax Credits and deleted tax cases HC 412 (Cm 6689)
Sixth ReportDepartment of Trade and Industry: Renewable energy HC 413 (Cm 6689)
Seventh ReportThe use of operating theatres in the Northern Ireland Health and Personal Social Services HC 414 (Cm 6699)
Eighth ReportNavan Centre HC 415 (Cm 6699)
Ninth ReportFoot and Mouth Disease: applying the lessons HC 563 (Cm 6728)
Tenth ReportJobskills HC 564 (Cm 6724)
Eleventh ReportLocal Management of Schools HC 565 (Cm 6724)
Twelfth ReportHelping those in financial hardship: the running of the Social Fund HC 601 (Cm 6728)
Thirteenth ReportThe Office of the Deputy Prime Minister: Tackling homelessness HC 653 (Cm 6743)
Fourteenth ReportEnergywatch and Postwatch HC 654 (Cm 6743)
Fifteenth ReportHM Customs and Excise Standard Report 2003-04 HC 695 (Cm 6743)
Sixteenth ReportHome Office: Reducing vehicle crime HC 696 (Cm 6743)
Seventeenth Report Achieving value for money in the delivery of public services HC 742 (Cm 6743)
First Special Report The BBC's investment in Freeview: The response of the BBC Governors to the Committee's Third Report of Session 2004-05 HC 750 (N/A)
Eighteenth ReportDepartment for Education and Skills: Improving school attendance in England HC 789 (Cm 6766)
Nineteenth ReportDepartment of Health: Tackling cancer: improving the patient journey HC 790 (Cm 6766)
Twentieth ReportThe NHS Cancer Plan: a progress report HC 791 (Cm 6766)
Twenty-first Report Skills for Life: Improving adult literacy and numeracy HC 792 (Cm 6766)
Twenty-second Report Maintaining and improving Britain's railway stations HC 535
Twenty-third Report Filing of income tax self assessment returns HC 681
Twenty-fourth Report The BBC's White City 2 development HC 652
Twenty-fifth Report Securing strategic leadership in the learning and skills sector HC 602
Twenty-sixth Report Assessing and reporting military readiness HC 667
Twenty-seventh Report Lost in translation? Responding to the challenges of European law HC 590
Twenty-eighth Report Extending access to learning through technology: Ufi and the learndirect service HC 706
Twenty-ninth Report Excess Votes 2004-05HC 916 (N/A)
Thirtieth ReportExcess Votes (Northern Ireland) 2004-05 HC 917 (N/A)
Thirty-first Report Northern Ireland's Waste Management Strategy HC 741
Thirty-second Report Working with the voluntary sector HC 717
Thirty-third Report The Royal Parks and the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain HC 644
Thirty-fourth Report Returning failed asylum applicants HC 620
Thirty-fifth Report The refinancing of the Norfolk and Norwich PFI Hospital HC 694
Thirty-sixth Report Tackling the complexity of the benefits system HC 765
Thirty-seventh Report Inland Revenue Standard Report: New Tax Credits HC 782
Thirty-eighth Report Channel Tunnel Rail Link HC 727

The reference number of the Treasury Minute to each Report is printed in brackets after
the HC printing number

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Prepared 4 May 2006