Select Committee on Public Administration Written Evidence

Letter to Sir Robin Butler KCB CVO, Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of the Home Civil Service from Rt Hon Dr David Owen MP

  I enclose chapters on Navy Minister, Health Minister and my time in the Foreign Office apart from the chapters that you already have. I would be amazed if there is anything here which causes any problems but you asked for it and so you have got it!

  I am afraid my publishers do want to be able to send it all off to the printers by the end of next week. But there will not be a repeat of the Sunday Times affair. They will not get a set of these chapters until you have commented and I have decided whether or not to go along with your suggestions. They will not therefore have the opportunity to compare two different versions. That is a marketing device I leave to people who have only just left the Civil Service.

23 May 1991

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Prepared 25 July 2006