Select Committee on Public Administration Written Evidence

Annex A


  Civil servants must not, without relevant authorisation, disclose official information which has been communicated in confidence within Government or received in confidence from others.  [Paragraph 4.2.2]

  Civil servants must continue to observe this duty of confidentiality after they have left Crown employment.[Paragraph 4.2.3]

  Civil servants must not take part in any activities or make any public statement which might involve the disclosure of official information or draw upon experience gained in their official capacity without the prior approval of their department or agency. They must clear in advance material for publication, broadcasts or other public discussion which draws on official information or experience.[Paragraph 4.2.4]

  Civil servants must not publish or broadcast personal memoirs reflecting their experience in Government, or enter into commitments to do so, whilst in Crown employment. The permission of the Head of their department and the Head of the Home Civil Service must be sought before entering into commitments to publish such memoirs after leaving the Service.[Paragraph 4.2.5]


  Civil servants should continue to observe their duties of confidentiality after they have left Crown employment.[Paragraph 13]

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Prepared 25 July 2006