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Quadripartite Committee - First Report

Here you can browse the report together with the Proceedings of the Committee. The published report was ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 19 July 2006.


Terms of Reference

Conclusions and recommendations

1  Introduction

2  The work of the Committees

3  2004 Annual Report on Strategic Export Controls and Quarterly Reports for 2005

4  The Export Control Organisation

5  Enforcement

6  EU Regulation

7  International issues

8  Conclusion

Annex 1: Correspondence between the Quadripartite Committee and the Government

Annex 2: Standard Individual Export Licences (SIELs) to Israel issued and refused since 2002

Annex 3: The Swedish export control association

Formal minutes

List of witnesses

List of written evidence

Reports from the Defence, Foreign Affairs, International Development and Trade and Industry Committees since 2001

List of Oral Evidence

Tuesday 31 January 2006

Monday 13 March 2006

Wednesday 19 April 2006

Tuesday 25 April 2006

Thursday 25 May 2006

Written Evidence

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