Quadripartite Select Committee Written Evidence

Further memorandum from the Government

  Unclassified section of HMG's letter of 26 April 2006 to Quadripartite Committee.

  Third Quarterly Report for 2005 (July to September 2005) and earlier reports.


  1.   It is noted that a number of licences permit the export of goods to Argentina. It would assist the Committee to have a statement of the Government's policy on the export of arms to Argentina.

  All relevant export applications for Argentina are rigorously assessed on a case-by-case basis against the Consolidated EU and National Export Licensing Criteria, taking account of the circumstances prevailing at the time and other relevant announced Government policies, in particular, the Ministerial Statement of 17 December 1998, HC 721.

  2.   The value of SIEL exports to Brazil has increasde from £1 million in the previous quarter to £81 million in the quarter under review and in Chile from £1000,000 to £135 million. What assessment has the Government made of the effect of this increase in arms sales on the preservation of regional peaces, security and stability in South America?


  A licence was issued for enriched uranium, the value of which was £80 million. Therefore the increase in value of SIELs issued was not down to the sale of military goods.


  A licence was issued for frigates, the value of which was £134 million, and were for former Royal Navy vessels. [Type 23 Frigates HMS Norfolk, HMS Marlborough, HMS Grafton].

  These licenses were assessed against Criterion 4 (preservation of Regional Peace Security and Stability) and approved on the assessment that there was no clear risk that they would be used aggressively against another country or to assert by force a territorial claim.

  3.   Israel is given as the source of a number of Open Individual Trade Control Licenses—for example to Australia, Czech, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, South Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, Romania and Thailand. What items are covered by these licenses?

  The items covered on the OITCL with Israel as the source to multiple destinations related to general advertising and promotional activities calculated to promote unmanned aerial vehicles with a range exceeding 300km (restricted goods) at the Farnborough Air Show 2006.

  4.   Why did the value of exports to Iran covered by SIELS increase from £5 million in the previous quarter to £164 million in the quarter under review?

  Values of export licenses approved varies from quarter to quarter (as well as annually) due to the number of licenses completed for each destination,. The considerable increase in the value of exports to Iran for this quarter is explained by the granting of a SIEL to permit the export of civilian aero-engines at a value of £160 million. These engines were destined for an Iranian civil airline to use on civil passenger aircraft.

  5.   What appears to be a standard and comprehensive OIEL for components for military utility aircraft has been issued for exports to a number of small stated in Europe t(Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marion, and he Vatican City). Why have theses OIELS been issued? What assurances have been giver that the states receiving the items are content to accept the exports and are able to protect the goods and technology exported from diversion to third parties? Which of the items listed is expected to be exported to the Vatican City?

  An ORIEL (2053) was granted to permit the export of goods to in excess of sixty countries in support of the "Open Skies Treaty." The UK is an active state party to the Open Skies Treaty, which allows for unarmed overflight of the entire territory of participating states using a variety of sensors to detect military activity as part of global arms control. The Treaty aims to promote transparency in military activities and to enhance confidence and security building whilst facilitating monitoring of compliance with other arms control agreements.

* * *

  17.   What assurances and checks does the Government carry out on goods which are re-exported from Singapore

  All export licence applications are assessed on a case by case basis against the consolidated EU and National Arms Export Licensing Criteria and other announce policies prevailing at the time of application.

* * *


  19.   When HUDs which have been exported from the USA to Israel need to be repaired or replaced, what arrangements are in place for conveying the HUDs to the UK? Are they sent directly from Israel to the UK or via he USA?

  Whatever arrangements are in place for the repair or replacement of HUDs is a matter for the parties involved.

April 2006

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