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Science and Technology - Written Evidence

Here you can browse the Written Evidence ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 20 July 2006.

Written evidence

APPENDIX 1 Memorandum from the Government

APPENDIX 2 Supplementary memorandum from the Government

UKPS Biometrics Enrolment Trial Comments on Final Report (version of 25.02.05)

APPENDIX 3 Memorandum from the UK Computing Research Committee

APPENDIX 4 Memorandum from the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE)

APPENDIX 5 Memorandum from the British Computer Society

APPENDIX 6 Memorandum from Dr John Daugman, University of Cambridge

APPENDIX 7 Memorandum from QinetiQ

APPENDIX 8 Memorandum from the London School of Economics and Political Science Identity Project Team

APPENDIX 9 Memorandum from LASSeO

APPENDIX 10 Memorandum from Peter Tomlinson, Iosis Associates

APPENDIX 11 Memorandum from Intellect

APPENDIX 12 Memorandum from Dr Itiel Dror, School of Psychology, University of Southampton

APPENDIX 13 Memorandum from The ALCO Group Limited

APPENDIX 14 Memorandum from the National Physical Laboratory

APPENDIX 15 Supplementary evidence from the Government

APPENDIX 16 Memorandum from Professor Anne H Anderson, University of Glasgow

APPENDIX 17 Supplementary evidence from the Government

APPENDIX 18 Memorandum from Microsoft

APPENDIX 19 Letter from Joan Ryan MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Nationality, Citizenship and Immigration, Home Office to the Chairman

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Prepared 4 August 2006