Select Committee on Science and Technology Written Evidence


Supplementary evidence from Green Alliance, submitted by Russell Marsh, Head of Policy

  I am writing regarding the transcript of the oral evidence given by me to the Committee on Wednesday 7 December 2005. Whilst I have no changes to make to the transcript I do think it is necessary to clarify our position on the issues raised in Q229-231. It is clear from the transcript that I didn't understand the meaning of the questions that were asked.

  I now understand that the Committee were asking whether we see any difference between technologies that deliver "de-carbonised electricity" such as Carbon Capture and Storage and technologies that deliver renewable electricity, and whether there should be an over-arching policy mechanism for all low/zero carbon technologies.

  For Green Alliance the priority should be to develop technologies that do not produce carbon emissions in the first place—renewables and energy efficiency. There are currently distinct mechanisms for supporting these technologies eg the Renewables Obligation and Energy Efficiency Commitment—and these should not be diluted or undermined by the inclusion of other non-renewable technologies.

  Our view as outlined in both our written and oral evidence is that Carbon, Capture and Storage should be supported through the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and not through the introduction of a separate mechanism.

  I have spoken to both Germana Canzi at Friends of the Earth and Doug Parr at Greenpeace and they are both happy for the above position to be considered as their view.

January 2006

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Prepared 9 February 2006