Select Committee on Science and Technology Written Evidence


Supplementary evidence from Alstom Power, submitted by Mr Nick Otter, Director, Technology and External Affairs


  Typically the Company spends about 180 million euro per year on R&D&Technology and this is distributed worldwide. It represents a ratio of about 1.5% with turnover in the power side of the business. The UK activity is mostly performed through and involving the Technology Centre at Whetstone, Leicester where the annual turnover for the ALSTOM funded work in 2004/05 was ~35 million euro. Activities undertaken are all on advanced power generation technologies, mostly associated with fossil and associated fuels where combustion is an important issue and leading to zero emission plant involving capture of CO2.


  Details of this and the new Technology Platform on "Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plant" are given in the attachments below. From these you will see that five UK-based individuals are on the TP Advisory Council of what will certainly a major initiative within Europe. Representation is held by people in ALSTOM, BGS, BP, Mitsui Babcock and Shell, all significant players in this field. The UK also takes a leading position in the governmental EC co-ordination action on clean fossil energy (termed FENCO) that is seeking to establish synergy across Europe in this area. This action has a strong link to the Zero Emission TP through a Member State Mirror Group which is chaired by the DTI. As stated at my witness session, the UK has established a prominent position in these EU initiatives and needs a robust CAT/CCS national programme to ensure a proactive role and hence get the benefit.


  My personal view is that the establishment of this would be a good idea and would be analogous to the Coal Authority that has to handle the long term issues of coal in the UK. It could be that the Coal Authority could be used as a model or even be extended to cover the CO2 issues. The long term ownership of CO2 is clearly a very important issue in the context of CCS and so must be addressed.

December 2005

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Prepared 9 February 2006