Select Committee on Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards Report

6  Resourcing the Work

6.1 The overall cost of running my office during the past year was slightly higher than in 2004-05, as the table below shows.

Cost of the office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards 2003-04 to 2005-06




Staffing etc301,425
Running Costs 33,833
Total 335,258

6.2 There were no changes in the staffing of the office (which, given that a number of my colleagues work part-time, consists of 4.7 full-time equivalent staff, including my own post) and the increase in staff costs reflected public sector pay settlements. The rise in running costs is largely explained by the bulk printing of advice material in preparation for the new Parliament, together with some additional travel and transcription costs associated with a major inquiry.

6.3 Sustaining that same inquiry alongside all the other demands on the office has proved a considerable challenge for my small team. We have therefore been grateful for some limited assistance from the Department of the Clerk of the House in relation to particular aspects of the inquiry. It is comforting in this context that the House of Commons Commission has indicated that, if the needs of the work were to require an increased level of resourcing, it would be willing to make available whatever was required.[29]

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