Select Committee on Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards Report

7  Conclusion and Forward Look

7.1 We face a busy year in building on the progress recorded in this report. The completion of the review of the Guide to the Rules will have to be followed by an intensive programme of briefing Members on any agreed changes, preparing the first Register on the new basis, and amending all the associated documentation and guidance. This programme will have to be dovetailed with any changes approved by the House in order to implement the 'one stop shop' provision in the recently-enacted Electoral Administration Act described in Section 1 of this report. The Committee on Standards and Privileges and I will be continuing our efforts, in support of other parts of the House, to secure clearer rules and guidance for Members in such areas as the use of publicly funded stationery and postage and the application of allowances. And all this will have to be done whilst we continue to process with fairness, impartiality, thoroughness and appropriate dispatch whatever complaints against Members may arise.

7.2 Maintaining such a programme would not be possible without the commitment of many colleagues - especially those in the small team in my office, to whom I pay warm tribute - and the support of the Committee on Standards and Privileges, in particular its Chairman, Sir George Young, and its Clerk, Dr Christopher Ward. I also value greatly the support of concerned outsiders, whether in other standards bodies, in academia or in the media. I thank them all. Whatever continued progress we may make will be through the efforts of many rather than a few.

18 July 2006                 Sir Philip Mawer

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Prepared 25 July 2006