Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Tenth Report

Reports from the Committee on Standards and Privileges in the current Parliament

Session 2005-06
First ReportConduct of Mr Jonathan Sayeed HC 419
Second ReportConduct of Mr John Horam HC 420
Third ReportConduct of Mr Tony Baldry HC 421
Fourth ReportPay for Standing Committee Chairmen HC 568
Fifth ReportElectoral Administration Bill: Simplification of Reporting Requirements HC 807
Sixth ReportMr Stephen Byers (Matter referred on 19 October 2005) HC 854
Seventh ReportConduct of Mr George Galloway HC 1067
Eighth ReportConduct of Mr Mark Lancaster HC 1144
Ninth ReportLobbying and All Party Groups HC 1145
TenthConduct of Mr Michael Foster (Worcester) HC 1223

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Prepared 14 June 2006