Select Committee on Transport Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 60 - 63)



  Q60  Mr Martlew: Just a point about the blue badge scheme, that there is a lot of problems. Do you actually have to deal with those problems?

  Mr Banbury: Not us, but our members certainly do. The main problem they have with the blue badge is the abuse of it, which is something we have mentioned, and that is a real problem which I think is not for us to tackle, it is for somebody else to tackle.

  Q61  Mr Martlew: Who is it who should tackle it?

  Mr Banbury: Well, government in a sense. The reasons why people receive blue badges needs to be reviewed and discussed so that those who need it get it, because we have had examples of people who are using the blue badges of people who are dead and there has been an exercise in Liverpool which has turned up quite a number of these. This is just unreasonable and unacceptable.

  Q62  Mr Martlew: What is the penalty for that?

  Mr Guest: With the situation in Liverpool, where there has been a particular problem with counterfeit badges, the City Council has undertaken an initiative with the Police where the motorists are being prosecuted under the criminal law. They are not being dealt with as people who have committed parking offences, they are being prosecuted under the criminal law. I think that is a work in progress. It is having an effect. It is taking these counterfeit badges off the streets and it is giving criminal records to the people who are using them. I am not aware of the exact purpose of the prosecution. I think it is obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception, but I am not quite sure.

  Q63  Chairman: Just finally, Mr Macnaughton, as the leading supplier of parking attendants do you think it is a good principle to take on a wider street warden role?

  Mr Macnaughton: I think it can improve the perception of the service, but I think the authorities who are doing this are generally doing this as a parallel service. There are aspects of the parking attendant's job which can be broadened, but if you are talking about moving into some of the sort of street ranger-type activities, dealing with graffiti, litter and other activities then really that effectively needs to be delivered by a parallel agency. These are together, but the parking attendant probably needs to focus on parking enforcement.

  Chairman: I think if we are going into parallel universes, it is probably a good moment to stop! Lady and gentlemen, thank you very much for your evidence. I am very grateful to you.

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