Select Committee on Transport Minutes of Evidence

Annex 1


  The Road Traffic Act 1991 required the London local authorities to establish a joint committee for various purposes involved with parking enforcement. These include:

    —  determining additional parking charges and parking penalties;

    —  appointing adjudicators; and

    —  providing administrative support and premises for the adjudicators.

  The Greater London Authority Act 1999 amended the 1991 Act to require TfL to be a member of the joint committee with respect to adjudication.

  This joint committee was established in 1992 as the Parking Committee for London (PCfL). PCfL's constitution allowed it to carry out other activities related to parking enforcement, as detailed in the body of this evidence. In 1998, as a result of a merger with other transport related joint committees, PCfL changed its name to the Transport Committee for London (TCfL). In 2000, the boroughs consolidated all their joint activities under the umbrella of the ALG. TCfL became an associated joint committee of the ALG and again changed its name to the ALG Transport and Environment Committee (ALG TEC).

  At a member level, ALG TEC retains its separate status and boroughs still nominate members directly to ALG TEC. ALG TEC raises its own finance with its own budget. ALG, through its Leaders' Committee must approve this budget and also approve the general policy of ALG TEC (carried out through approval of the business plan).

  At an officer level, all ALG TEC's functions are carried out by ALG staff who are integrated with other ALG functions.

  In addition to its statutory functions, the joint committee carries out other functions on behalf of its members, where it makes practical or financial sense for these to be done jointly. These include:

    —  Code of Practice on Parking Enforcement and Parking Attendant's Handbook.

    —  TRACE: the 24 hour call centre providing information on vehicles which have been removed.

    —  Common databases on persistent evaders and invalid blue badges.

    —  IT links between the boroughs and DVLA and the County Court.

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