Select Committee on Transport Thirteenth Report

List of written evidence

01  Civil Aviation Authority  1

02  Civil Aviation Authority, Supplementary memorandum

03  Civil Aviation Authority, Supplementary memorandum

04  Association of Licensed Aircraft Engineers

05  British Air Luine Pilots Association

06  Prospect

07  Association of Licensed Aircraft Engineers, Supplementary memorandum

08  Association of Licensed Aircraft Engineers, Supplementary memorandum

09  BAA plc

10  Manchester Airports Group plc

11  National Air Traffic Services Ltd

12  Airport Operators Association

13  British Air Transport Association

14  British Airways

15  Ryanair

16  TUI UK

17  Virgin Atlantic

18  Ryanair, Supplementary memorandum

19  Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

20  G A Alliance

21  British Business and General Aviation Association Ltd

22  Society of British Aerospace Companies

23  G A Alliance, Supplementary memorandum

24  Society of British Aerospace Companies, Supplementary memorandum

25  British Business and General Aviation Association and Aircraft Owners and   Pilots Association

26  Royal Aeronautical Society

27  Dr Graham Braithwaite

28  Mr David Starkie

29  The Centre for Air Transport and the Environment, Manchester
  Metropolitan University

30  Dr Graham Braithwaite, Supplementary memorandum

31  Campaign to Protect Rural England

32  Leicestershire County Council

33  London Borough of Hounslow

34  London Borough of Hounslow, Supplementary memorandum

35  Department for Transport

36  Department for Transport, Supplementary memorandum

37  Mr Paul Green

38  Mr John K Milner

39  Mr Mike Godsell

40  Mr Peter Harvey

41  Captain M A Clayton

42  Mr Terry Hale

43  W H Handley

44  A J Lucking

45  Mr Roger Chamberlain

46  Mr Malcolm Bird

47  General Aviation Awareness Council

48  Mr Paul Handover

49  British Helicopter Advisory Board

50  Mr Julian J Berry

51  Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators

52  de Havilland Support Limited

53  Transport and General Workers' Union

54  British Microlight Aircraft Association

55  Independent Pilots Association

56  Federation of Tour Operators

57  Royal Aero Club

58  British Gliding Association

59  Guild of Air Traffic Control Officers

60  Helicopter Club of Great Britain

61  Air Medical Ltd.

62  Popular Flying Association

63  Mott Macdonald Ltd.

64  Airlines Consultative Committee at Stansted Airport

65  Dr Ian R Harnett, Harnett Air Services Ltd.

66  Royal Meteorological Society

67  Cabair Holdings Limited

68  ABTA

69  Independent Airport Park and Ride Association

70  R E J Dawson and M L Burlyn

71  Competition Commission

72  European Commission Directorate-General for Energy and Transport and
  the European Aviation Safety Agency

73  Lane and Partners LLP

74  Mr David Purdy

75  Christine Standing

76  Single-Engine Turboprop Alliance

77  Department for Transport, Supplementary memorandum

78  Civil Aviation Authority, Supplementary memorandum

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Prepared 8 November 2006