Select Committee on Transport Written Evidence


Memorandum submitted by Cabair Holdings Limited

  The Cabair Group is the largest privately owned FTO and aviation related business in the United Kingdom employing some 250 people and we would refer you to for further information.

  Please find enclosed letter written to the CAA following receipt of the proposed new bias" of charges following the JRT. Whilst the enclosure is a mixture of inputs I believe its message is valid to bring to the attention of the committee. [7]

  Our company has traded in the General Aviation market sector for over 35 years and is seeing it become increasingly non-competitive for a number of reasons which stem from apparent policies".

  The main causes are:

    1.  Unnecessary costs without substance.

    2.  Over and unnecessary regulations.

    3.  Lack of clear policy.

    4.  No support for the industry versus overseas options ie a level playing field it is not.

  and the results:

    1.  Declining UK jobs.

    2.  A contracting industry.

    3.  Unfair" overseas competition.

    4.  Continual management time commitments to negative results.

    5.  Relocation of an increasing part of our activity overseas.

  Clearly the CAA cannot be responsible for all the above issues but they" are seen as a part of an overall system that is overseeing the destruction of a once proud industry. The effects do range from recreational aviation through professional flight training, manufacturing (or the lack of) to corporate aviation.

  With this unique opportunity of a transport committee review we would urge Parliament to take the lead by insisting that the following three objectives are targeted.

    1.  Positive support model to be created to encompass all facets of the industry.

    2.  Review of the CAA to include an end to discriminatory policies, a proper needs analysis" and justification of charges including where necessary the use of external resources to provide services not influencing safety.

    3.  The creation of an arbitration body to allow speedy and effective policy guidance and/or mediation in key areas of the industry.

14 November 2005

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Prepared 8 November 2006