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Memorandum by CoalPro, Confederation of UK Coal Producers

  The Confederation of UK Coal Producers (CoalPro) represents member companies who produce over 90% of UK coal output. CoalPro is not opposed to the development of any form of energy. CoalPro is pro coal.

  It has very recently been brought to my attention that the Committee has extended the terms of reference of its inquiry into the Government Energy Review to consider "the implications of the increasing dependence on coal imports". CoalPro would like to submit written evidence to the Committee and apologises for not doing so prior to the closing date of 5 June.

  I can do no more in this respect than submit a copy of the CoalPro submission to the Energy Review. This is attached. [58]The Committee will note that the submission does not debate the pros and cons of various forms of energy and is limited to issues related to the use and production of coal in the UK. It comprises a covering letter which sets out the main issues and makes certain policy proposals, and a detailed annex which responds to the specific questions posed by the Energy Review consultation.

  The covering letter is in two sections covering the future of electricity generation and the future of UK coal production. The Committee may find the first section of interest but it is the second section on the future of UK coal production which is apposite to the extension of the Committee's terms of reference to include the implications of the increasing dependence on coal imports.

  In a sense, the section on indigenous production is the mirror image of the extended terms of reference in that the extent of dependency on coal imports will be influenced by the level of indigenous production. The Committee will note from the CoalPro submission that we believe there to be major opportunities for at least maintaining, and perhaps increasing, the contribution of indigenous production from the very significant remaining reserve base, thus limiting the dependence on coal imports.

  I also attach three separate pieces of information on UK consumption and production of coal in recent years, on opencast output from the different provinces of the UK over recent years, and on coal burn over the last two winters[59] that the Committee may find useful. These were not included in our submission to the Energy Review.

Director General

9 June 2006

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