Select Committee on Trade and Industry Written Evidence


Memorandum by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on nuclear safety regulation

  1.  This note provides background information for the Trade and Industry Select Committee in advance of Dr Mike Weightman's appearance on 13 June. Dr Weightman is HM Chief Inspector of Nuclear Installations and an HSE Board Director.

  2.  In the context of the Government's energy review, the Energy Minister, Malcolm Wicks, has asked HSE for an expert report setting out the potential health and safety risks arising from recent and potential energy developments; and on the HSE's approach to ensure that risks arising from these are sensibly managed by industry, including:

    —  An increasing need for gas storage as the UK becomes an importer;

    —  New demonstration projects for carbon capture and storage, and its potential in the UK;

    —  Increasing penetration of renewables (wind, wave, geothermal, biomass etc) and distributed generation; and

    —  Consideration of a new generation of nuclear power stations and in the event of nuclear build, the potential role of pre-licensing assessments of candidate designs.

  3.  HSE will deliver an independent, expert report by 30 June. It is will not be for HSE to offer views on the desirability, or economic viability, of specific energy options.

  4.  This note is concerned only with nuclear safety as we understand that this is the particular focus of the Committee's current study. The following information is provided:

  Annex A: The regulation of Nuclear Installations in the UK.

  Annex B: HSE initiatives in preparation for possible new nuclear build.

  Annex C: HSE review of the pre-licensing process for potential new build of nuclear power stations—extract from an HSE consultaive document.

  Annex D: Recommendations from an IAEA review of HSE/NII.

June 2006

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Prepared 21 December 2006