Select Committee on Trade and Industry Written Evidence

Annex D


ReferenceSummary HSE Response
1.1.1—Laws and other legal provisions Suggestions:   HSE should make arrangements to charge fees for pre-licence application work. We are currently seeking legal advice on the options available and will make recommendations as part of our response to the DTI Energy Review.
1.1.1—Laws and other legal provisions Suggestion:   HSE should initiate actions to establish and document the role of the public in the regulatory process. We will consider extending the consultation required in NIA S3(3) for the granting of a nuclear site licence and include it in our open documentation.
2.2.1—Authority, Responsibilities and Functions of the Regulatory Body Recommendation:   processes should be developed and documented that describe the steps to be followed for the issuance or amendment of a licence, including the activities, responsibilities, inputs and outputs. We recognise the changing environment where new licensees may in future become responsible for activities on existing sites. We will provide appropriate documentation and guidance to these new licensees, on their roles, responsibilities and our expectations of abilities and competencies.

The need for further guidance will be covered in our submission to DTI's Energy Review.

See also 4.1.1 R1
3.1.1—Organisation of the Regulatory Body Suggestion:   NSD resources necessary to accomplish new build activities need to be established and included into budget planning. We will do this in advance of any new build applications—and include outline information in the response to DTI for the Energy Review.
4.1.1—Authorisation for Nuclear Facilities Recommendation:   Processes should be developed and documented for potential new build nuclear power plants that describe the steps to be followed by an applicant for the issuance of a site licence, including pre-licensing phase. Respectively, formal guidance should be developed on the content and format of required safety submissions, to improve efficiency and effectiveness, of the entire licensing process (see also suggestion 1.1.1/S1 on financing the regulatory work in pre-licensing phase, and more detailed proposals given in separate Appendix for the authorisation of potential new builds). We have raised this issue in our discussion document as part of the Energy Review and we are seeking comment from stakeholders. The need for this will form part of our submission to DTI's Energy Review.

See also 2.2.1 R1

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